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Official dA News

:bulletpurple: Ready to learn how to make it in art school? Join us today (Tuesday August 23rd) at 1:00pm Pacific for our first LIVE art school interview and chat! We'll be joining Meg Cranston, the Chair of Fine Arts at OTIS College, for a discussion entitled: "How Students Survive (Thrive) In Art & Design School" Join Us!
:bulletpurple: Our Ongoing Battle Against Malicious Ads
:bulletpurple: Head Back to School with deviantART
:bulletpurple: deviantARTs Response regarding
:bulletpurple: Back to School
:bulletpurple: We're Headed to Dragon*Con, Are you?
:bulletpurple: News to Know! A Quick Recap
:bulletpurple: 11th Birthday Caption Contest Winners
:bulletpurple: The Cutting Edge - Week 34

Informative News & Events

:bulletblue: Design me an Avatar Contest!
:bulletblue: Get involved! Spank PurpelBlur for charity! Read all about it here
:bulletblue: GalleryExtravaganza is hosting The Gallery Extravaganza!
:bulletblue:Help support a deviant artist kickstarter project!
:bulletblue: Free Fantasy Resources Contest!
:bulletblue: dA Resource News - Issue 2
:bulletblue: An Offer and a Challenge
:bulletblue: CRT-Creative is holding a contest Portray Your Tools of the Trade
:bulletblue: dA birthday Contest! - Deadline is August 31

Features & Interviews

:bulletred: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles PLZ Guide
:bulletred: Check out the project Random Pimpin which features deviations and deviants discovered with the deviantART Discovery Tool
:bulletred: deviantART Staff Appreciation Interview with chix0r
:bulletred: dA Staff Appreciation Week Project Results!
:bulletred: Young Talent Feature 01
:bulletred: Amazing Amigurumi - Recent Creations
:bulletred: Manga/Anime Spotlight: Miss-It-Girl
:bulletred: 30 Writers You Should Discover: Volume V
:bulletred: An Absurd Interview with Danheffer-Stock
:bulletred: Watchers Feature


:bulletgreen:  dArtzine is now accepting members, so come join us!
:bulletgreen: QaF-LibertyAve was created as a place for fans of the tv show Queer as Folk to gather and share show-related art & literature. Whether you're an artist, a writer or just a fan of the show, you're welcome here. If you've never seen the show and want to, you can do that here too.
:bulletgreen: Daily-Deviations - We're creating an e-mag and are inviting people to contribute.  We are also expanding our services beyond pure DD suggestions.  More info can be found here.
:bulletgreen: LitResources - We're getting back into action providing tons of literature based news, contest, and resources for all dA writers.  Also the results of our latest contest can be found here, stop by and read the winning pieces and congratulate them
:bulletgreen: All-For-Art is holding it's second contest, Colourful Contest
:bulletgreen: dA-Dictionary - Your one stop for all the latest news of what's happening officially and semi-officially around dA.
:bulletgreen: Creative-Club is a group for showcasing the creative works from the deviantART community and to spread overall creativity.
:bulletgreen: HeroesInAHalfshell - Loyal fans of the original 80's TMNT / Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles cartoon, HeroesInAHalfshell is just the group for you!!!
:bulletgreen: DeviantHerps - Dedicated to art and photography regarding herps - that is, reptiles and amphibians!
:bulletgreen: For those who love the classics, check out PortSweethaven, FleischerStudios, TheBettyBoop, and TheRubberHoseSociety

Whoas - Theme:  Turtles

Tortuguita a tinta by VonHollde Turtle-Factory by draweverywhere Baby beach turtle by Oborochann
Sea Turtle by fizzgig :thumb62843000: :thumb216965060:
turtle by Ramonova Death from Above by Kevineastman Black Tortoise by KitWarrior
Chibi TMNT Icons: FREE by Kiss-the-Iconist Loggerhead turtle stock 2 by JSF1 Turtles all the way down by danctheduck
:Cowabunga: by MenInASuitcase Shake It, Turtles by NekoChika Turtle by raelynn36
:thumb254126371: Sea Turtle for Cat by sneakiiwulf Fille the Turtle by 1xbluebellx1
Sasha the Wicked Turtle by DolphyDolphiana :thumb213655751:
Turtle by MikApache Are you afraid by a Turtle ? by Marcwildpassion turtle by nicobou

:note: To contribute to the next installment of "Pimps & Whoas" please comment on this journal with the appropriate links and information.  If promoting groups, please include a description so people know why they should check it out! Also use devtags not icontags eg:communityrelations not :iconcommunityrelations:

Next installment to be posted September 6th and the theme for the "Whoas" is


Note: amigurumi is crocheted or knitted stuffed toys

Wanna suggest a theme? Note Moonbeam13 with your ideas!

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