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December 7, 2010


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This is the last Pimps & Whoas for the year! Thank you for your contributions and I'll see you in 2011!!


Official dA News

:bulletpurple: Celebrating Deviousness - December 2010
:bulletpurple: Community Projects - December
:bulletpurple: The Holidays are Here!
:bulletpurple: Who are you and why are you here?
:bulletpurple: *New* Joining Our Team
:bulletpurple: Ticked Off with `Junoknight
:bulletpurple: deviantART Holiday Headquarters 2010

Project Educate

Get involved over at projecteducate

:new: -  Fan Art
:bulletpink: Introduction + Defining Fan Art
:bulletpink: Fan Art - The Beginning
:bulletpink: Fan Art ABCs - A to D
:bulletpink: Fan Art - A Feature
:bulletpink: More ABCs, from E to H
:bulletpink: Defining Fan Fiction
:bulletpink: Interview with JazZeke on writing fanfic
:bulletpink: Fan Fiction - A Feature
:bulletpink: Fan Fiction: Recategorization
:bulletpink: Fan Art vs Official Art

:bulletpink: The History of Emoticons
:bulletpink: Different Styles of Emoticons
:bulletpink: The Emoticon Legend
:bulletpink: The Mood System
:bulletpink: The Emoticon Gallery
:bulletpink: Plz Accounts
:bulletpink: Emoticons in Chatrooms
:bulletpink: Using Emoticons outside of dA
:bulletpink: Creating your first emoticons
:bulletpink: Emoticon Groups
:bulletpink: News Articles
:bulletpink: Emoticon Contests
:bulletpink: Emoticon Projects
:bulletpink: Emoticon GMs
:bulletpink: Emoticon DDs
:bulletpink: What Emoticons Mean To Us

Informative News & Events

:bulletblue: Setting a Direction
:bulletblue: Why deviantART Will Never Be Perfect
:bulletblue: Body Art Galleries - Iz mah sexeh-bod art?
:bulletblue: Did You Know: Gallery Edition
:bulletblue: News Article Archive
:bulletblue: Live-Love-Writing Prompt
:bulletblue: Common Digital Dolls Miscategorizations
:bulletblue: Fractal Community News and Happenings
:bulletblue: LitandNews Issue 2
:bulletblue: Light into the Dark Photomanip Contest
:bulletblue: Contest: Nature's Reflection

Features & Interviews

:bulletred: Popcorn Corner with `jmonzani
:bulletred: beautiful photos everyday no.2
:bulletred: The A,B,C's of Horror!
:bulletred: <a  href="…">Urban and Rural Weekly Feature #13
:bulletred: Objects of Interest - Soft and Cuddly
:bulletred: Interview - Plushie Makers
:bulletred: Setting Up Your Business - An Artisan Crafts Chat
:bulletred: The Same but Different 19
:bulletred: 30 Writers You Should Discover
:bulletred: Artist Spotlight: Claude DESTRIBATS
:bulletred: Fairy Tale Nudes


:bulletgreen:  DACipher is an art teaching group geared towards bringing newer artists and artists looking to advance their skills to experts who can help them do just that. Based on a unique brand of philosophy, we hope to bridge the gap between artists of various forms of media and encourage positive growth in the deviantART community. Our About Usexplains the purpose of our group and our welcome journal elaborates on that purpose. DACipher is having a grand release for tutorials and lessons on 01.01.11.  We're also debuting a new icon and CSS as well as gearing up for future events for our chat #dACipher
:bulletgreen: MAMIYA-MEDIUM-FORMAT is a new group for Mamiya medium format camera users and lovers.
:bulletgreen: RobotInvasionProject Free robot for use in photomanipulations, but artists are completely welcome to draw him as well.
:bulletgreen: TraviisArmy is holding a CSS contest with some great prizes for the winner. (1500 points and a 3 month sub!) Deviants need to be members of the group in order to participate and you know it's totally worth it to join up
:bulletgreen: EndangeredArt is a group dedicated to promoting awareness of endangered species through art.
:bulletgreen: LitandNews and LitResources are two literature groups working together to bring the literature community into the spotlight. Features, news articles, interviews, and much more.
:bulletgreen: DevNews This is a group that creates a news letter every month to summarize what happened in that month! It's a great way to catch up and stay caught up on current dA and Artist news!
:bulletgreen: dALinkSystem Have you ever noticed how your artwork and another artists are similar!? Why not help each other out and link to their deviation! Linking allows you both to be seen more as well as create friendships that can last a lifetime!
:bulletgreen: Beta-Readers is a group dedicated to helping writers improve by pairing them up with writers that are more experienced.

Whoas - Theme: Rainbows

Color My World by FractalEyes PERSPECTIVE OF  NIGHT AFREMOV by Leonidafremov :thumb184274759:
Rays of Light by Lilyas Rainbow Globe by Lilyas It's Magic by Lilyas
Rainbow Vision by LT-Arts :thumb168374422: :thumb170993682:
Plastic Bubbles by roxagrama starry eyed by Lady-Twiglet Float Away 6 by intergalacticstock
Octopus's Garden. by Danieh Happy Vomit 1 by PuppyLivers Rainbow
Wonder of nature,
Your scintillating reflections
Fill with wonder children and adults alike.
Your appearance is transitory,
It's also what gives you,
This surprising beauty.
But you are not the exclusiveness of the sky.
Everyone can create one.
Whether it is visible or not,
Is not important,
Where it is,
It brings happiness,
And comfort to whom sees it.
But it can very well,
Be hidden in the memory,
Or in other places.
The heart is a good one,
By winds and evils,
It brings a little gaiety,
Transitory pleasure,
Curing the evils,
Independent of the winds.
This rainbow,
I each times create it on you.
You said it to me,
I believe you.
So that once again it radiates,
Where it's cold.
I write this small selected piece,
Straight out of my heart.
I address it to you,
Through this bridge
That is the arc.
Our two hearts are far,
Like the color feet,
Touching the whiteness,
Of the clouds in tears.
Soon disappeared,
This pretty mirage,
Reflecting in your eyes of mother-of-pearl.
One moment,
An ete

Rainbow drawing by tursiops33 Little Fairy And The Unicorn by thefantasim Commander Video by ZippingMeteor
tender .9 by danydiniz September by Gwendolyn12
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This has been entered in #dA-Dictionary's Dictionary Entries. Happy Holidays!
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Wonderful article and wonderful features!Thanks for sharing:dalove:
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I think the universe would implode if Gwen's work wasn't featured when the theme is "Rainbows" :giggle:
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:rofl: I love you even more for this, Val.:happycry:
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Me too!:excited: when I saw Danie faved my work I was like ":O_o:" but... I never thought it's because I was going to be featured!:excited:
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