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Contest Over: The Contest Ends with You...


The World Ends with You contest is now officially closed!             deviantART and Square Enix would like to thank you all for your             unmatched enthusiasm and thousands of amazing entries! With over             5,000 entries to review you have made this one of our biggest             contests to date!  The work is certainly cut out for our judges.


From the ingenious team that brought you Kingdom Hearts comes a new action RPG for the Nintendo DStm system called The World Ends with Youtm.


Set in Tokyo's trendy Shibuya district, the story begins with Neku, just another ordinary kid, waking up to find a text message that states that he must complete a series of missions or face "erasure". Now immersed in the "Reaper's Game" Neku must find badges that allow him to harness his natural abilities and powers to discover the truth behind the "Reaper's Game" before he is erased!             


For all of you eagerly awaiting to actually play the game, it             is now available in the United States and abroad.  Check out The World Ends with             You official site for more information on that! And also             be sure to check out             The World Ends with You Journals and Gallery which includes             special exclusive commentary from the Square Enix design team!


Again, thank you for participating and stay tuned for the             winners to be announcend on May 2nd!  If you can't wait, check             out the entries at Community             Projects > Contests > 2008 > The World Ends with You


Square Enix has generously provided deviantART the exclusive rights to distribute Concept Art Boards demonstrating the creative process used in their new game for the Nintendo DS "The World Ends with You".  Haven't you always wondered, "How did they come up with that?!" These boards can hopefully answer that question.

The Concept Art Boards are unique in that they were created specifically  for challenging YOU to create your own backgrounds, dream up new heroes or villains using your awesome skills as a traditional or digital artist to showcase the creative talent that lives here on deviantART!

We are looking for any of the three following types of submissions, keep in mind that you can submit as many times as you want!

Background Art
Think of this as an opportunity to show Square Enix your abilities as a background artist, as if you were developing for a game. Submissions can range from a fantastic realm to a rendering of your neighborhood to a futuristic city on the brink of Armageddon. It truly is up to you, and to help inspire you to create your backgrounds, you can check out the first installment of Concept Art from "The World Ends with You" Here. If submitting a background, it will help to label your entries "background: XXXX"

Use the Concept Art featured on as guidance in creating your very own hero or villain character as if you were developing for a game. Entries into this category need to have human qualities. It will help if you label your entries "hero: XXXX"

Non-Human Characters
Use the Concept Art featured on as inspiration to create your very own non-human character (in the game, they're called Noise) as if you were developing for a game. Submissions can range from malevolent slimy things reminiscent of Alien, to furry fanged fuzzballs, there is no limit to what you can showcase in this contest! It will help if you label your entries "noise: XXXX"

This is a chance to showcase your talent to one of the most respected game development houses in the world. What are you waiting for? Are you up for the challenge?


10 Finalists will receive a copy of "The World Ends with You" game as well as a deviantART prize pack. deviantART prize pack will consist of a 6 month subscription, a deviantWEAR t-shirt and an Accessory pack.

1 Grand Prize winner will be selected from the group of the 10 Finalists. In addition to the game and the deviantART prize pack, the Grand Prize winner will receive a written critique of their winning submission from members of "The World Ends with You" development team.


The 10 Finalist entries will be judged based on technical skill, originality and most creative interpretation of "The World Ends with You" storyboards. Submissions will be judged by $lolly, $Moonbeam13 and "The World Ends with You" development team.


Adhere to the guidelines below:

  • You must be 13 or older to participate
  • To be eligible to win the games, you must be a resident of the United States, Mexico or Canada (not including Quebec). Finalists who are residents outside of these three countries will receive cash equivalents.
  • You may submit more than one entry;
  • Online entries only, hardcopies not accepted;
  • No copyrighted images can be used in any way except for the creative resources linked below.
  • Entries are to be inspired by the featured material but not derivative of it or other privately owned property.

Disclaimer: Entries to the contest will not be used in the game "The World Ends with You" nor will they be used for commercial purposes without the artist's consent.

Please see this page for additional rules.


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