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June 26, 2012
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Table of Contents

1. New Faces
2. Daily Deviations: Listing Suggesters
3. Volunteer Openings
4. Share Your Opinions
5. Community Projects
6. Official Contests
7  Project Educate 2011/2012
8. Art History Project
9. News from the Chats and Forums
10. News from the Galleries

1. New Faces

We welcomed many new faces onto the Community Volunteer team this month! Please join us in welcoming them and I encourage you to reach out and get to know these fantastic people:

bradleysays - DeviantART Related
IsacGoulart -  Photography
RockstarVanity - Darkroom Photography
mamiffer - Chat & Forums
Athos-of-Light - Chat & Forums
JZLobo - Fan Fiction
STelari - Traditional Art
DaPineapple - Chats & Forums
dekorAdum - Chats & Forums
Talty - Artisan Crafts
princepal - Designs & Interfaces
SRudy - Traditional Art
krazykel - Chats & Forums
yashachan - Chats & Forums
sTiViA - Chats & Forums
alltheoriginalnames - Space & Sci-Fi
ClefairyKid - Pixel Art
kiwi-pdd - Street Art

2. Daily Deviations: Listing Suggesters

    As a team, we receive hundreds of Daily Deviation suggestions a day.  As a team, we endeavor to go through those in a timely manner and some of those go on to become some of the Daily Deviations you see highlighted on any given day.  When we select a DD via a suggestion, we add the name of the suggester into the selection tool.  Occasionally, the image has been suggested to us by more than one person and when that's obvious, we may choose to include both people who suggested the piece.  More often than not, this just isn't possible.  It's not possible to remember every single image we've seen and include every single person who felt it should be a Daily Deviation.  In the past, it would seem that some people on our team have chosen to edit a Daily Deviation to add a suggester, this practice just simply doesn't make sense.  We will continue to include the first suggester of the Daily Deviation and occasionally, multiple suggesters if it's possible but at the end of the day, the Daily Deviation is about the artist being featured, not about who found it.  We do everything in our power to be fair and represent the community in a positive way, however, I've recently been getting complaints that someone sent in a suggestion and someone else was listed as a suggester, and some of these comments are really unkind.  Please consider the sheer amount of feedback my team get and remind yourself that Daily Deviations are a feature of Artwork.  If you're upset because you didn't get your name in the suggester box and really need to talk to someone about it, please do not harass my volunteers.  Please note myself or email me at Thank you.

3. Volunteer Openings in Community Relations

If you're interested in learning more about being a volunteer on deviantART please read FAQ #85: Can I be a volunteer on deviantART?

To see current openings on the Community Relations volunteer team please check this blog

If there isn't a spot open please consider helping out from within the community.  Read How to be a guiding light and shining example by RockstarVanity and So you Want to be a CV by Thiefoworld

4. Share Your Opinions!

I'm actively using my personal forum to try and connect more with the community and I have a series of threads:

:bulletpink: Questions for $Moonbeam13 or Community Relations? Ask here
:bulletpink: Suggestions for deviantART
:bulletpink: Gallery Changes or Addition Requests
:bulletpink: Suggestions for Project Educate

These forums are all accessible from my profile page at Moonbeam13 as well and I will be adding more. I encourage you to speak up and get involved! We're in this together :)

If you have a suggestion for a forum please send me a note! please do not create them yourself as it causes confusion on my page :) :thanks:

5.  Community Projects

:omg: Want to show your devious pride and get involved in ongoing Community Projects? Check out some of these!

6. Official Contests

:bulletpink: Musically Inspired Design Challenge - Deadline July 5, 2012 (Voting begins July 6 and ends July 12, 2012)
:bulletpink: Feedback Frenzy Comment Contest - Deadline July 8, 2012
:bulletpink: "When Darkness Falls" Photomanipulation Contest - Deadline August 3, 2012

Please note that all contests end on the deadline stated at 11:59:59 PM PST

7. Project Educate 2011/2012

This Week: Artisan Crafts      Next Week: Feedback Frenzy

8. Art History Project


9. News from the Chats and Forums

10.  News from the Galleries

:bulletblue: Anime/Manga

:bulletblue: Anthro

:bulletblue: Artisan Crafts

:bulletblue: Body Art & Modification

:bulletblue: Cosplay

:bulletblue: Customization
:bulletgreen: Digital Dolls
:bulletgreen: Emoticons
:bulletgreen: Icons
:bulletgreen: Wallpaper

:bulletblue: Designs & Interfaces
:bulletgreen:Game Development Art

:bulletblue: DeviantART Related

:bulletblue: Digital Art
:bulletgreen: 3-Dimensional
:bulletgreen: Fractal
:bulletgreen: Photomanipulation
:bulletgreen: Pixel Art
:bulletgreen: Vector
:bulletgreen: Vexel

:bulletblue: Fan Art
:bulletgreen: Fan Fiction

:bulletblue: Film & Animation

:bulletblue: Literature

:bulletblue: Photography

:bulletgreen: Abstract & Surreal

:bulletgreen: Animals, Plants & Nature
:bulletgreen: Architecture

:bulletgreen: Artistic Nude

:bulletgreen: Conceptual

:bulletgreen: Darkroom
:bulletgreen: Fashion
:bulletgreen: Fetish

:bulletgreen: Horror & Macabre
:bulletgreen: Macro Photography
:bulletgreen: People & Portraits
 :bulletgreen: Photojournalism

:bulletgreen: Pin-Up & Glamour

:bulletgreen: Still Life
:bulletgreen: Street

:bulletgreen: Urban & Rural

:bulletblue: Resources & Stock Images

:bulletblue: Text Art & Typography

:bulletblue: Traditional Art

:bulletgreen: Street Art & Graffiti

The Community Relations team exists to facilitate communication amongst deviantART's administration, volunteers and members. Our goal is to foster creative genius by encouraging artists to grow, collaborate and participate in a friendly and supportive artistic environment.
Watch communityrelations for up to date news and events!
News and updates from the Community Relations team.
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mottymotty Featured By Owner Jul 2, 2012  Hobbyist Photographer
Is it possible to get a message every time the CR Newsletter is posted so I can make sure I don't miss it?
Moonbeam13 Featured By Owner Jul 2, 2012  Hobbyist Photographer
If you watch me it will always end up in your message center :)
phoenixleo Featured By Owner Jun 27, 2012
I harass your preciousssss volunteers :paranoid:

phoenixleo Featured By Owner Jun 27, 2012
In the end, the deviation was featured. And that's what matters. :meditate:

just watched Legend of Korra ending so a bit on a roller coaster emotional ride :stare:
TouchedVenus Featured By Owner Jun 28, 2012  Professional Digital Artist
Agreed! Maybe it would be best to not even include the suggester if it's going to cause issue. The DD is for the artwork, not the suggester. At that point it seems like they are only suggesting in hopes that THEY will get attention.
phoenixleo Featured By Owner Jun 28, 2012
When we suggest, we don't see any problems like that. Several of the regular suggesters are aware that their note may not be read and someone else featured. We are just glad that it's featured. It's not often that this happens. We're cool with that. Considering the amount of time suggesters put into finding deviations to feature, they would like some attention that they suggested it which is fine, but in the end 'we' are happy that the deviation got featured (not to mention several use their own blogs and what not to feature the artworks). What Danie explained happened to a fair share number of suggesters and those I know, we are okay with it. Even new suggesters are more prone to suggest to highlight a new artist rather than themselves, and if a little credit goes along the way, that's fine. :shrug: But fussing over it is just too much, which is why she probably mentioned it now...
TouchedVenus Featured By Owner Jun 28, 2012  Professional Digital Artist
I remember when I worked as a volunteer, the harassment for not including someone as a suggester would sometimes get stupid. I'm well aware there are people who are genuine, and I don't mind the suggester being included, but if it gets worse having the suggester listed isn't something that is necessary to have on the daily deviation since the focus is on the art itself. I'm also speaking from being a suggester myself. I don't mind at all when someone else is listed as the suggester as long as the piece is featured, I'm happy.
phoenixleo Featured By Owner Jun 28, 2012
I have seen this sort of compaints two or three times. Since she cleared it and hopefully the CVs will spread it around through their journals (and have it in their suggestion blog), other suggesters and future ones should get the message.
princepal Featured By Owner Jun 27, 2012  Professional Interface Designer
DpressedSoul Featured By Owner Jun 27, 2012  Hobbyist Photographer
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