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:pointr: Director of Artist Relations


The purpose of Artist Relations is to strengthen the community spirit as well as network with fellow artists so that we may bring outside opportunities to you, and help you to hone your skills. The Gallery Directors are the first people you should go to regarding your galleries. They are the people you need to make gallery suggestions to, and ask questions about your specific genre, or seek knowledge from. They also act as your lifeline to the administration. They are here to support and listen, and I can tell you we've got incredibly talented, devoted and passionate people on this team, so get to know them!

:bulletgreen: Hot Topics cannot be unsubscribed from.  I'm constantly noted, harassed on my userpage or emailed by people screaming at me to remove them from my mailing list.  Hot topics are the administrations way of communicating important news about the community to you, the members of said community.  If you could care less about what's going on, I'm afraid your only recourse is to delete the hot topic.  Please note that doing this completely negates your right to claim 'we didn't tell you' if you fail to notice a big change.  

:bulletgreen: While on the topic of hot topics, people constantly ask why a hot topic appears so much later than the original posting date of the article.  Hot Topics have to be put into place by IT and as such there is a time delay between the original posting and the time it goes into Hot Topic mode.  Hope that explains it :)

:bulletgreen: My main focus at this time is to round out the volunteer team.  I'm working on this behind the scenes and it's a larger project than I think you can possibly fathom but it's coming.  So be patient :) It'll be good.

:bulletgreen: I have noticed and increase in people sending notes to myself or my gallery directors to report policy and copyright violations.  Please file help desk tickets for this.  My team does not deal directly with violations of this type and it's absolutely necessary to keep running records of instances that occur, so we will direct you back to the help desk to ensure proper protocol. Thank you.

:bulletgreen: abhimanyughoshal has opted to leave the Artist Relations team of his own accord and he will be sadly missed.  I thank him for his efforts for the community and wish him the best in his future endeavors :)

Important and entertaining links you should go to

:bulletgreen: Live Your Creative Passion Scholarship Contest

:bulletgreen: Against the Light Contest

Community Driven Contests, Projects and Clubs I've heard about

:bulletgreen: indiephotographyclub

For something new.. some thumbs of favorites I've added recently:

Camera Shy by MissShyly

the future.. by cdaile

My Secret Place by nighty
On StrengthMany people claim that strength of heart; strength of spirit is an attribute of they themselves. That because they've been through hardship, pain, and heart-ache, that they're able to take it again on their own.
What none of us want to stop and consider is that strength is not a personal attribute. Our strength comes from the others around us. We have to lean back to back to stand at all. Our souls were not meant to stand alone in the wilderness and drive back the night.
You can't measure strength in lives saved or pain endured, but in the people who lend you that strength, that power. And their power is lent to them by others, so that no one has to lend too much of their own will, their own soul.
The only people who have to worry are those who stand at the connection of the many cords of paths, where the strength of our people is channeled. While the strength is there, the power is too much; they cannot handle the simple strain of passing the power along. And so that intersection beco

:bulletgreen: Miss an edition of the newsletter? Check out my journal

:bulletgreen:  Looking for contests? Find a list of all AR sponsored contests in the module in my journal

The Key System
As you can see at the very bottom there is a Key System. The way this will work is simple. If you have a specific inquiry or suggestion for a specific department, begin your comment with the appropriate Key Code, that way we can search the page and compile them and address them.

:pointr:Artisan Crafts
I am typing this as I have one foot out the door for a camping trip, so there aren't many updates, save for WE NEED MORE FEATURE ARTICLES! I would also appreciate How-To articles, articles exploring things that you don't see on dA but are related to Artisan Crafts, and possibly even resource

Remember, the only way to get your articles seen is to not only submit them as a news article, but also fav it and get others to fav yours so that it can remain on the page longer, and so that people who visit your page can check out all the news you deem worthy.

I'm getting the itch for another contest, and if anyone would like to donate prizes or knows of some good prize ideas, let me know!

:pointr:Cartoons & Comics
Hi guys!  This really is just a quick recap of what's goin on in Comics and Cartoons with some newer tidbits here and there.  The gallery is still moving along happily and there's projects a plenty!  I've gathered enough links and thumbnails from various deviants about their comics/cartoons projects for me to start a sister news letter to my Smorgasbords.  Inside these articles I'll include deviant names, links to the projects and thumbnails along with a small writeup about the project itself.  I'm excited.  There's always so much going on so this will be a fun and easy article to write every month.  So make sure you send me a note about your comics/cartoons projects if you're interested in being featured!

This is just one example of a project being a success because of that awesome community support I see everyday.  I want to thank everyone who stepped in and helped!

As I'm sure everyone knows by now, all the Fanart subcategories have been closed and redirected to the new Fanart root category!  This means if you're lookin to submit comics/cartoons fanart you need to do so through the new root category.  I will be covering the Fanart > Comics/cartoons category until Fanart is assigned with a gallery director of its own.  So you're more than welcome to poke me with DD suggestions from the Fanart category as long as they're from "comics/cartoons".  Read more on that here.

Keep those suggestions for DDs comin!  Remember to note me with your all time favorite Comics and Cartoons submissions and about your projects!  And don't forget to read Comics and Cartoons Smorgasbord #8.  Happy dAing!

:bulletgreen: CUSTOMIZATION

:bulletgreen: Wallpaper
Hi all, lots to cover in this issue so get a mug of tea, get comfy and let me entertain you.

Custom Customization Customising Contest!

There has been a slight delay in organising the judging for this contest. I'm not proud to say this has happened, but I'd much rather be honest about it and 'fes up. The winners will be notified shortly. Thank you for your patience in this.

Changes to the Wallpaper Gallery

Due to the new Fan Art Gallery going live, there are some significant changes to the Wallpaper Gallery that require your attention if you submit any fan art related material to the Wallpaper Gallery. I have outlined those changes in a journal. Please take the time to read and understand it to avoid confusion and relocation of your work. Only new pieces will be relocated as all previous submission to the affected areas have been automatically relocated.

Where do I submit my Desktop Screenshot?

Recently there has been a huge rise in Desktop Screenshots making their way into the Wallpaper Gallery and a a result creating a lot of unnecessary submission violation reports for me to wade through (all work and no play makes Zilla all emo). This is rapidly becoming the number one problem in the gallery with more violation reports and relocations involving screenshots than any other issue.  Please help me to help you by submitting your screenshots to the correct gallery.

The correct place to submit your screenshots is:  Customization > Screenshots

Wallpaper Gallery : Features

Every week I feature a selection of the most interesting and unique wallpapers submitted to the Wallpaper Gallery. These features are unlike the Daily Deviations in that a deviant can be featured regardless of previous exposure, favs or popularity. It's a really great way of seeing some of the best walls around for that week.

To get yourself featured is easy and requires no extra work on your behalf. Just submit a great wallpaper and it'll be featured! the only criteria necessary  to be eligable for the feature is that the wallpaper must be a minimum of 1024x768 and be original work. You can also note me with any suggestions for the features just like DD suggestions. But remember you cannot suggest your own work ;)

Here are a few examples of what you are missing if you don't check out the features:
Wallpaper Request by Finvara2:35 by snuff75xgood.night by 00Velvet00Dreams00

Until next time, take it easy!



:bulletgreen: DIGITAL ART

:pointr:Digital Art
There are some points I wanted to address this time around :

1. Misscats:

Unfortunately I have to bring it up again: Misscats
In general please keep in mind that if you're unsure where to submit your deviation: read the gallery descriptions and if you're still unsure please contact a gallery director with your questions. That's what we are here for !  Otherwise it will end up with frustrations on both sides.

Pixel Art:
There are a lot of miss-categorized deviations in the pixelart galleries. For one there seems to be a confusion about the difference of isometric and non-isometric pixelart.
So here is the definition again :
- isometric: Pixelart created in method that is displayed in a 3 dimensional perspective. Most commonly from a 30 degrees viewpoint and in a ratio of 2:1. (For example of an Isometric perspective, think of the buildings from the classic SimCity series.)
- non-isometric: Pixelart created in a fashion that does not display a 3 dimensional perspective but is created in another, such as the perspectives of a profile view, platform style, top-down view, 3/4 view, etc. Relatively, just any other perspective that does not fall under an Isometric classification fits here

The second major misscats in this galleries are mostly digital drawings, created with a pixel brush, which might even look a bit like pixelart but belong in the Digital Art > Drawings category. Pixelart must be created pixel by pixel, no fill-tools or brushwork should be used.

Please keep this in mind when submitting your work !

This is another gallery where the amount of misscats is immense. Please take the time to read through the gallery descriptions before submitting your deviation.

Vexel images are:
  • 1. Derived from combining the terms vector and pixel, a vexel is a type of image that has a posterized appearance similar to vector graphics but may contain raster elements for supporting the primary vector-like portions.
  • 2. Images created by digital tools such as the Photoshop pen tool, selection tool, or similar device that causes the image to have filled sections of colors next to each other to create the artwork.  Referred to as having block shapes, the image is compiled of colored areas
    that are specifically created to build the image by using these mentioned tools. This technique gives the image a more 2D appearance, much like what a vector image looks like.
  • 3. Vexels are characterized by clean color and lines that range from as little as 2 color outlines to
    pseudo-realistic detail depending upon the amount of block shapes/sections the artist uses to create the image.

Vexel images are not:
  • 1. Photographs that have been ran through a filtering process.
  • 2. Paintings/drawings, airbrushed images, and heavily filtered artwork.
  • 3. Any type of artwork that does not adhere to
    the rules above as to what a vexel is.

Here are some examples of what vexel art looks like:
Brown Sugar by Jules1983  Rihanna - Umbrella by Soop4evah  Health nut by sygnin

2. News Articles:

There are a lot of interesting digital newsarticles which shouldn't be

3. DD Suggestions:

kuschelirmel is back from her vacation, so please send Photomanipulation DD suggestions her way ! Thank you !

So that was it with the news from the digital galleries for this week  :)  If you have any ideas, suggestions, concerns, etc .... please contact me via note !

Hello folks!
Yes, I am back from my one month vacation - with tons of great memories and stories to tell. Non AR related though, so I'll just get to the point :D Now that I am back, I am taking DD suggestions again. All photomanipulations & (digital) mixed media pieces should be recommended to me again (no longer nighty, she just covered me in my absence. Also, please make sure that all sources are listed & that they are valid stock (no "found on google"!). My full DD Guidelines can be found to the right of my journal page, please read them. Also, expect some special features during the next weeks while I catch up on what I missed while I was gone :D


Hey guys!
I hope you are all doing well. There isnt much going on except, I am really excited that I am getting so many DD suggestions! Thank you! Fanart fridays are going well, except i have to adjust some dates as soon as i am able HAHA!... ha! So, since I am jsut plugging away at life, I thought I would mention some of the neat things on DA right now thatI came across!

cooley is holding a great contest called The bladewind Challenge! it looks pretty awesome, with great prizes!

jeriweaver's Can you make comics like a pro Contest is almost over!! if you have entries, get them in fast!

bapity88 is holding a little contest to design Charms for jewelery. Its adorable and ends soon!

windfalcon Is having a commission selling custom Painted feathers, that are just exquisite! You should definately check that out when  you have a chance!

Thats all I can think of for now, but remember, if you have contests, tutorials, or anything interesting like that send them my way! I need content for my newsletters!  I apologize if I am slow with replies etc, but rest assured! I read them all =)


:pointr:Stock Photography

I would like to write a bit about my co-gallery director Sandi, better known to the art community as oibyrd

She is a partner in crime, a shoulder to cry on and a very close friend

Her participation on deviantART is HUGH .. LARGE and STOCK MUNDO BIG-O

She is both a user of Stock ART and a Contributor as seen by her very involved accounts

You might send her some love since her father recently has been sick

I love Sandi and I know you do too :heart: :hug: ( grin / anyone knows me knows I don't like hugs )


Some cool stock articles

New to stock art ? ( -:… )

Stockilicious Vol 12: Horror Hour (MC) ( -:… )

Project: StockART - Human Canvass ( -:… )


Two of my fav peeps .. ( honestly .. all peeps who contribute to stock art are appreciated )

demonicintuition: - cute as a button and a major force in stock art

LawrenceDeDark - a good friend and hard worker for stock-goodness

Check this out 20 Questions with LDD-Stock (… )


And speaking of that

FantasyStock and her series of 20 Questions is willy wonka wonder-bar

20 Questions with Markopolio-Stock (… )
20 Questions with Gracies-Stock (… )
20 Questions with AlinePotter-stock ( -:… )

I did note Sandi and I are missing so far ( wink )


I guess that's it ..

Remember Stock art – needs to be professional – high res ( at least 600 x 600 ), critical Focus .. and USABLE ( a picture that can be used )

Stock ART wants to go where no man has gone before .. push art limits and provide what the deviant community wants ..

I think we are getting there


To direct your comments towards the right gallery director, optionally prefix your comments with the following acronyms:


AR: for Artist Relations
CON: for Contests
AC: for Artisan Crafts
COM: for Comics and Cartooons
CUS: For Cutsomizations
ICN: for Icons
ST: for Skins & Themes
VP: for Visualization Presets
WP: for Wallpaper
DI: for Designs & Interfaces
DR: For DeviantArt Related
DA: for Digital Art
3D: for Digital Art > 3 Dimensional Art
DF: for Digital Art > Digital Fantasy
PM: for Digital Art > Photomanipulation
PA: for Digital Art > Pixel Art
VE: for Digital Art > Vector
FR: for Fractal Art
FL: for Flash
LIT: for Literature
POE: for Poetry
PRS: for Prose
ANI: for Manga/Anime
AA: Anthro
PH: for Photography
AN: for Photography > Artistic Nudes
FP: for Photography > Fetish
PJ: For Photography > Photojournalism
RES: for Resources
SP: for Stock Photos
TA: for Traditional Art

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And yes i'm aware that i'm replying over a month later, but things impose.

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Please do explain the policy voilation step again.. I don't follow :(
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I found the information about the different groups very helpful and even found a fantastic new wallpaper. Thanks!
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Awwwwwwwww Jennyyyyyyyyyy !!!! and yes you re totally right it was a great success thank you to those who helped!!! :clap: I m so in the DA love mood !!! And yes the GG are cool well I know at least 4 who are super dooper and all helped me in one way are another! Thank you Jasmin, Sandy, Jenny and Jayleen for everything !!

I know this sounds so stroopy but they are really sweetypies !!!!!!!! nod: :D

Ohhhh I just noticed 3J's LOL get it :lmao: ok ok :| no need to stare like that I m out.

ppgrainbow Featured By Owner May 31, 2007  Hobbyist General Artist
>> Hot Topics cannot be unsubscribed from.

It seems that some people don't get it when they want to unsubscribe from Hot Topics. They're just to keep you informed of what is going on the site.

I'm sorry to see `abe-x leave his position as a gallery director. I wish him the best of luck. ^^

I couldn't access dA at all to at least read the messages, because my IP was blocked from the site for nearly five days.
vidthekid Featured By Owner May 31, 2007  Hobbyist Digital Artist

The definitions you have to differentiate between isometric and non-isometric pixel art are faulty and unclear.

Here's how I interpret them:
"- isometric: Pixelart created in method that is displayed in a 3 dimensional perspective. Most commonly from a 30 degrees viewpoint and in a ratio of 2:1. (For example of an Isometric perspective, think of the buildings from the classic SimCity series.)"
The first sentence seems very vague, but would seem to indicate that the artist has considered exactly what the perspective of the artwork should be. The second sentence seems to indicate an angle of elevation of 30 degrees from horizontal, in which case horizontal surfaces would appear to be stretched 2:1 horizontally. The SimCity reference doesn't help much: The original SimCity (from 1989, now called SimCity Classic) used a view which seemed to be top-down, as the X and Y axes were undistorted, except the Z axis was skewed diagonally. This is inconsistent with the "30-degree" criterion. SimCity 2000 (from 1991, also considered a classic game) and SimCity 3000 (late 90s) used a view with an elevation angle of 30 degrees, and an azimuth angle of 45 degrees. This is the most common viewing angle in 3D-like games without a free-look camera, and is commonly referred to as "three-quarters". Bottom line: as written, it would seem that the artwork must be based on some fixed axes. A SC2K-like three-quarters view might be required, but this is unclear.

"- non-isometric: Pixelart created in a fashion that does not display a 3 dimensional perspective but is created in another, such as the perspectives of a profile view, platform style, top-down view, 3/4 view, etc. Relatively, just any other perspective that does not fall under an Isometric classification fits here"
The first clause of the first sentence would seem to indicate that "non-isometric" pixel art was drawn somewhat free-form, without specific consideration for XYZ axes, but then the sentence goes on to list various -- in fact, every imaginable -- orthographic perspective with defined axes, and whatever matches the above "isometric" definition should also match this "non-isometric" definition. The second sentence states that whatever is not "isometric" is probably "non-isometric" but the boundaries of "isometric" aren't clearly defined in my mind in the first place.

These definitions need to be re-written, by someone who knows what they're talking about. Here are some definitions of relevant terms as used in engineering and numerous fields of applied mathematics dealing with three-dimensional euclidean geometry:
Isometric - In engineering, an isometric view strictly means that the X, Y, and Z axes appear at 60 degree angles to each other, and that a distance measured along a line that is parallel to one of the three primary axes corresponds to the actual distance in space, adjusted for the nominal scale. In other fields, "isometric" is sometimes used when "orthographic" is meant.
Orthographic - Any projection along parallel lines (i.e. nonperspective) from three-dimensional space to a two-dimensional plane (which is perpendicular to the projection lines). Any surfaces parallel to the viewing plane appear undistorted in the flat drawing.
Three-Quarters - Usually refers to an orthographic view at an azimuth angle of 45 degrees and an elevation of either 30 degrees (SC2K and many other games; X and Y axes appear as 1:2 rise:run lines) or about 35 degrees (like the Isometric view; X and Y axes are 30 degrees from horizontal and 60 degrees from each other and Z axis).
Plan view - Same as top-down view.
Elevation view - Same as side or front view; most common view used in classic platform games.

My suggestions, based on what I *guess* you mean:
Isometric - Any pixel art based on well-defined X, Y, and Z axes, which may be evident in the artwork itself. Any angle works (top-down, side, three-quarters) as long as it's not in perspective -- so no "disappearing points".
Non-Isometric - Any pixel-art which is not based on any strict X, Y, or Z axes, but instead drawn free-form. Artwork that is intended to look more organic than geometric probably belongs here. Art which uses perspective to depict distance or depth belongs here.

You don't have to use my wording. I'm not even sure if this is what you really want. But if someone with an engineering and math background can't determine the distinction you mean to make between the two categories, you can't expect the typical artist to do so. Unless you change the wording, you will continue to have miscategorizations.
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janvanlysebettens Featured By Owner May 30, 2007  Professional Interface Designer
You can find the answer in the second paragraph of the article.
( in other words, if you would have read it you would know. )

"Hot topics are the administrations way of communicating important news about the community to you, the members of said community. If you could care less about what's going on, I'm afraid your only recourse is to delete the hot topic. Please note that doing this completely negates your right to claim 'we didn't tell you' if you fail to notice a big change."
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Just wanted to say thank's I have learned a lot . I have enjoyed everone art of all kinds you all have so much talent, keep up the good work and $Moonbeam13 keeping us informed.
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Hi. This may sound like a crazy, silly question, but I thought, "what do I have to lose"? I just completed a Johnny Depp/Captain Jack Sparrow inspired bear for a customer (you can find his photos in my gallery). He turned out so cool & I thought it would be so neat if I could get the attention of Johnny himself and/or the production company for Pirates of The Carabean. Do you have any idea how to go about this short of sending them an actual bear?
Thanks for your help and/or suggestions.
Denise : ):w00t!:
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