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:pointr: Director of Artist Relations


The purpose of Artist Relations is to strengthen the community spirit as well as network with fellow artists so that we may bring outside opportunities to you, and help you to hone your skills. The Gallery Directors are the first people you should go to regarding your galleries. They are the people you need to make gallery suggestions to, and ask questions about your specific genre, or seek knowledge from. They also act as your lifeline to the administration. They are here to support and listen, and I can tell you we've got incredibly talented, devoted and passionate people on this team, so get to know them!

:bulletgreen: We begin with sad news as we bid farewell to Aeires and adrift who leave the Artist Relations Team for their own reasons.  We thank them for everything they've done and wish them well with their future projects.

:bulletgreen:  MANY people have sent me 'resumes' along with their desire to be Gallery Directors and I appreciate your wanting to be part of our team but yelling at me when I haven't responded to your resume after a couple of days isn't going to go over well.  I'm not prepared to bring new people on yet, I'm still developing a policy and procedures manual that's taking time to get perfect and as such I'm setting these notes aside until I am ready.  I don't have the time right now to respond back to hundreds of inquiries, so please be patient with me.

:bulletgreen: Some of you will notice some category changes and these will be the first of several as we start to move in a more cohesive and comprehensive direction with the way we handle galleries.  The following categories have been affected:

- Cell Phone Art has been shut down and cell phone themes have been moved to the 'skins and themes' category.  If you had something in cell phone themes that hasn't been moved yet, please help me out and move it yourself because it's a manual process for me and it will take some time

- Signature banners has been shut down because 99% of the artwork in the gallery was a copyright violation.  

- Community Marketplace has been locked for submissions but is still available to browse.  We are not actively using these galleries right now for anything but examples and as such it's become a breeding ground for violations as well.

I appreciate that not everyone will be happy about this and you may feel free to NOTE me to discuss your feelings if you wish.  Please don't flame this article to get your point across, it doesn't work.

:bulletgreen:  As promised in the last newsletter, here is the position description for Director of Artist Relations (that would be me;) )


Reports directly to the CEO

Scope of Responsibilities

The Director of Artist Relations is primarily responsible for supervising and managing the Artist Relations Team of volunteer gallery directors.  Driving the teams' focus to support the needs of the artists; educationally, inspirationally and creatively is their purpose.

Specific Duties

- Managing volunteer group of gallery directors.  Monitoring their activity and ensuring all artistic communities are supported.  

- Organization and execution of contests, news features and other motivational events for the community including seeking corporate sponsorship.

- Reporting viable news to the community via the Artist Relations Newsletter.

- Recommending new and appropriate features/fixes for the website/company

- Creating new categories or restructuring galleries as needed.

- Responding to outside requests for artwork found on deviantART and acting as a liason between the artist and interested party.

- Finding opportunities for artists to be showcased in the media.

- Holding regular meetings to keep the team focused and connected.

- Attending weekly managers meetings

- Reporting about department happenings in interdepartmental updates.

- Special projects as assigned by the CEO


:bulletgreen: Some may have noticed the new toy in Literature.  Go to browse literature and hover over the thumbnails.. Our new game is to see how many we can get scrolling at the same time!  lolly got to 6 ;)

:bulletgreen: Like to draw hearts? This club wants you HEART-Club

:bulletgreen: Want me to promote your club? Send me a note telling me what your club does, why I should promote it and any other pertinent information you may have.  I realize the flood this is going to cause but lets get some community love going folks, there's some great clubs out there!


Help deviantART save Gilmore Girls!
Become part of the Watchlist-A-Gogo and while you're at it sport a stamp I support the orgy by jake10684
Oibyrd's Resource File a manipulators dream come true :)
Updates from the Community Development Team

Community Driven Contests and Projects I've heard about

Project: It's Personal
New Club PhotoPurist is giving away a Hasselblad.. that's what I said.. Hasselblad

For something new.. some thumbs of favorites I've added recently:

Wonder Woman by UdonCrew
Chinese Constellations by KirbywithaMasamune

:bulletgreen: Miss an edition of the newsletter? Check out my journal

:bulletgreen:  Looking for contests? Find a list of all AR sponsored contests in the module in my journal

The Key System
As you can see at the very bottom there is a Key System. The way this will work is simple. If you have a specific inquiry or suggestion for a specific department, begin your comment with the appropriate Key Code, that way we can search the page and compile them and address them.

:pointr:Cartoons & Comics
Hello, hello!  Comics and Cartoons is trotting happily along like always so with this update I just want to touch up on a few things I've rattled on about in the past.  First things first though!  On the subject of categories, it'd be wise to check out kuschelirmel's journal about mixed media within digital artwork.  There's a great bit of information in there so if this is your area please read it!  And if your work can be categorized as comics/cartoons then please put it there.  It makes browsing so much easier!  And we have our own gallery so take advantage of it!I can't stress these things enough... please, please be sure you're contacting the proper gallery director when suggesting a DD.  There's a list of us in each of our journals and in FAQ #18: Who selects Daily Deviations and how are they chosen? It helps us out and ensures that your DD suggestion is getting the attention it deserves from the right folks!
When reporting a deviation for copyright violation please categorize the report as "copyright infringement".  Doing this will make sure that the report is going to the CEA, our copyright and etiquette team.  When you do this make sure you provide some proof of the theft.  Not just "this is stolen" in the comments box.  "Misplacement" violations go to us so keep those comin'!

Contests and Projects:
msynowicz's Frank Miller themed contest was a huge success.  All the entries were so much fun to look at.  You can find the bunch here! And here's the winners.  

Mature Content

millers elite guard by anjinanhut
Creo Que Ganamos by Zorgia Sparta by cool-slayer

ultema now has a dA page for the character creation project I spoke about in the last AR newsletter.  If you're interested in creating an original character within a pre-set world please stop by schattenjager-guild and check it out!  Lots of information and plently of interesting tid-bits to let your brain chew on.

The one thing about dA that never ceases to amaze me is how incredible the response is when a fellow deviant is in need.  It's refreshing to see deviants coming together, friend and stranger, to lend a helping hand.
With that, saintpepsi is offering cheapy commissions in hopes of raising enough money to make it out to a very important event for his Yosakoi group in Japan this year.  He's got a great style and any help or happy thoughts sent his way will be very appreciated!

I'm in the process of writing up rules and figuring out prizes for Comics and Cartoons's next big contest! I'm very, VERY excited about this one.  It's going to be an absolute blast.  But, so I don't ruin the surprise, I won't get into too much detail just yet.  We're still a few months away from August anyway.  *winkhint*

Okay, last bit before I bring this to a close.  I would like to do a monthly article to be a add-on of sorts to my "Smorgasbord"s.  This article would feature deviations chosen by you, freakishly popular or virtually unknown, as "Comics and Cartoons favorites" from any point of dA's lifetime.  So, if you'd like to get in on that send me a note with a link to your favorite comics/cartoons deviation.  Once I get enough of them I'll publish the article.  You're more than welcome to do this more than once!  But your favorites will only be featured once at a time.  Make sure the note is titled "C/C favorite" so I know it's not a DD suggestion!

Keep smilin'! And keep those DD suggestions comin'... or else!  I knooooow wheeeere you liiiive.

:bulletgreen: CUSTOMIZATION


I'm delighted to report that the new Icons galleries are chugging along nicely. We're still getting a fair few miscategorizations, but all in all, the transition has been smoother than I expected.

A couple of clarifications for people who might be unsure where their work goes:

1. Avatars - deviantART is only for avatars that fit the dA requirements, ie, 50x50 pixels. If you wish to submit a large version of your dA avatars to show the full grandeur of the image, please submit to Avatars - Miscellaneous.

The only avatars larger than 50x50 allowable in the Avatars - deviantART section are doubles or group avatars which will be used by multiple deviants.

2. Emoticons with a larger canvas (over 100x100) should be submitted to Emoticons - Packs & Large Format, even if the individual emote people are the standard 15x15 size.  The idea is to ensure no one piece visually overwhelms its brethren just by its sheer dimension.


I don't get as many suggestions as I'd like, although for some reason this week has been nice and busy suggestion-wise. Please do not hesitate to note me with any suggestions you might have.

The deviant cannot have received a DD within the past 6 months, and I prefer to feature artist who have never received one.  Also, I'm partial to pieces that have a relatively small number of faves and comments. If a deviation already got tons of attention, I'd rather spread the love around to something that hasn't yet.

It's also important to me that all the Icons sections are represented in the Daily Deviations, so I love getting suggestions for galleries like Avatars, OS Icons, Dock Icons and IconPackager which are filled with deviations that get a lot of use but very little appreciation.


parliamentFunk is holding a Silver Screen Emote Contest. Entries will be judged both in an Advanced category and a Novice category, so don't be afraid to take the plunge even if you don't have much experience making emotes. Just fire up a tutorial and give it your best shot.

avatar-inc, a wonderful club dedicated to providing free avatars for deviants to use here, has a regularly updated page linking to all current avatar contests. There are three contests active even as I type: Avatar Contest Listing.

Some great offical deviantART Icon contests will be coming up shortly, including an OS/Dock Icon/IP collaboration with the Wallpaper gallery I mentioned last newsletter, and an emoticon contest from the fevered imagination of zacthetoad, so keep your eyes peeled.

Over and out, y'all. Stay in touch. :salute:

:pointr:Skins & Themes
Hey, its been awhile! Nothing much has been happeneing over at S&T until now... we've got 2 brand new categories for you to submit to(!): 8Start and Foobar2000. Also, we've removed a bunch of old, redundant categories that contained 0 deviations, so the gallery is a lot sleeker!  I've noticed some neat applications also being submitted in the gallery, such as the aforementioned 8Start Launcher and RunMe. There are lots more flying around, and I wonder whether there should be a separate space for them. Please post your opinions below. Also, is anyone craving for a contest? I've got something up my sleeve that I'm going to launch soon, so sharpen your pencils, get out your pen tool and get ready to skin!

Lot's to cover this issue, I've been a busy boy, I'm recapping some news articles if you missed them and also announcing something cooool, so brace yourselves...

Gallery Additions

There have been some additions and changes to the Wallpaper Gallery, all at the request of you the users of the gallery! You asked for 'em, you got

I have added the following categories by request:

:bulletred: Architecture
:bulletred: Miscellaneous
:bulletred: Objects
:bulletred: People

Please note that the Miscellaneous section is NOT to be used as a catch all section, please try to find a more relevant section to post into before using this section.

There has also been a amendment to the title only of the following:

:bulletred: Automotive has been renamed VEHICLES

This does not affect the category, it is mearly designed to open it up to more types of vehicles, ie bikes, cars, boats, planes etc.

There have also been lots of requests for a Surreal/Psychedelic category, so expect that in the next round of updates  :)

dA makes Top Three at has listed deviantART in the top three best places to get wallpapers from!

Here is an extract of what they say about us:

"...There are many categories to choose from and for each category you can choose between the newest or the most popular wallpapers. Some unique categories at Deviant ART are Fractals and Political -truly difficult to find these elsewhere!"

They also give us the following plus and minus:

PLUS - Large Selection and Unique Categories

MINUS - Doesn't show available resolutions when browsing thumbnails

This raises an interesting point that currently dA does not offer a system for browsing by resolution. I believe that we should implement this and make our wallpaper gallery even better and easier to use. Watch this space...

All in all not bad going really! Just a shame we are not number one, but hey, I believe with a little work we can be there soon! So keep submitting great walls!

My Fave Wallpaper :Vol 1

For something a little more fun, check out this article in which 10 of your favourite admins tell us what their most loved wallpaper is. Volume 2 to follow soon so watch out for it!

and now the cool stuff  :)

The Icon and Wallpaper Galleries present:

The Custom Customization Customising Contest!

The Icons Gallery and the Wallpaper Gallery have joined forces to bring you a great new contest utilizing the best of both worlds!

The contest is open to both Iconist and Wallpaper Artists and strongly encourages collaboration from both parts. So team up and prepare to ship out the most awesome of Icon & Wallpaper sets and win prizes!

The idea is to make custom desktop packs which offer themed icons and wallpapers. These can be either:

:bulletred: Icons matching an existing Wallpaper

:bulletred: Wallpaper that matches an exisiting Icon set

:bulletred: Icons AND matching wallpaper

These can be achieved either as a collaboration, or individually. Note: You must get the relevant permissions to use any walls/icons you didn't create yourself.

Extra points can be scored by the following:

:bulletred: Anyone who makes both the wallpaper and its matching icons will score highly.

:bulletred: Anyone who collaborates with another artist or artists on original work will also score highly.

:bulletred: Iconsets must be for Mac/Windows/Linux desktops; a pack with a variety of sizes is highly recommended

:bulletred: Wallpapers must be at least 1024x768; a pack with larger and widescreen variants is highly recommended

Get your thinking caps on 'cos the start date and prizes are gonna be announced really soon!

That's all until next time!



:pointr:Digital Art
With the new and improved DAnews there are also some very interesting and informative digital art releated newsacrticles popping up. Here's a small list  of articles you shouldn't miss:

1) Illustration Weekly 11 by gorjuss :
A Weekly Round up and FEATURE of some of the best deviations found in the
digital ILLUSTRATION galleries!

2) The Third Dimension by third-dimension :
A weekly feature wich features beautiful pieces from the 3d galleries.

3) Best of... weekly photomanip features #2 by FrozenStarRo and Lareth
A new photomanipulation feature around where a group of photomanip artists showcase their favourites from the manip galleries.

4) depthCORE XXIX - A Series Of Untitled Dreams by ekud :
Check out what Depthcore has come up with for their newest release !

5) Mixed Media Artists by kuschelirmel :
This series of interviews will shed some light on some of the Mixed Media
artists dA has to offer. This issue features saiaii who loves to combine painting, fractals, renders, vectors and photomanipulation in her work.

6) Unburied Treasures 52 by Aeires
A little bit of everything from the digital galleries, and all of them top quality art with ten or less favorites.

So this was it from me this week, if you have any digital art related news articles going on that need some more exposure, please drop me a note

New Gallery Created: Digital Art > Mixed Media!

That's right, and I will be in charge, so you better listen up now  ;)

Why do we need that gallery anyway?

To give all those sweet DIGITAL mixed media pieces a home so they no longer have to reside in the miscellaneous gallery. I emphasize DIGITAL because this will not be a place to put your traditional pieces that you dragged through Photoshop - and neither is the already existing gallery in the traditional section meant to hold these. If your piece is part digital and part traditional, you need to decide which of the two parts is dominant and then place it accordingly. The traditional mixed media gallery will hopefully have its description revised soon, to avoid confusing.

We will concentrate on the DIGITAL MIXED MEDIA gallery here (cos frankly, I don't know much about traditional art forms)...

Gallery Description
This gallery is a home to those deviations that consist of two (or more) DIGITAL art forms (namely Paintings/Drawings/Airbrushing, Photomanipulation, 3-Dimensional, Fractals and Vectors/Vexels – from here on referred to as basic art forms). The basic art forms should be clearly distinguishable in the piece. This makes the gallery ideal for matte paintings (use of photomanipulation and painting) or terraspace art (use of 3D rendered landscapes combined with painting and/or photomanipulation to “extend” them into a space scene).

Only images consisting of two or more of the above mentioned basic art forms are to be posted here. If your image consists only or mainly of one of those art forms, it should be posted in the respective gallery. That also holds true for drawing/doodling/sketching onto a photo – be advised that this is not a photomanipulation either and should be put in either Digital Art > Miscellaneous or one of the painting categories (the latter only if you used the picture as reference or as a background image).  If you have used filters or plug-ins to alter your digital creations, they should be submitted to Digital Art > Miscellanous.

For example if you have started with a photomanipulation and decided along the way to add vector elements, both need to be prominent features of your art for the image to be posted in Mixed Media – adding two tiny vector flowers for instance doesn’t make it a mixed media piece, but rather it should still be a photomanipulation.

Please note that just like anywhere else on deviantArt, the use of copyrighted material is prohibited. If you use third party material you must have written permission from the owner of the original piece (be it a render, a photo, a painting or whatever) to do so or it must be clear from stating the source that the image is considered stock. In the case of stock, be sure to include the proper credit and adhere to any rules the stock source may have defined. Also see FAQ #157: Can I use things created by other people in my submissions?. Please be advised that there are websites out there that pretend to be offering free stock when in fact they have no legal claim on the material!
Once the gallery launches, I implore you to read this description BEFORE moving your deviations over to make sure they fit the description. There absolutely have to be two of the basic art forms used to qualify the deviation being put in there!</blockquote>

A few words about the basic art forms

I refer to the art forms that make up the "pool" from which a Digital Mixed Media piece can be derived as basic art forms (for lack of a better term). To understand what Mixed Media is, it is necessary to understand what the basic art forms are... therefore, I have compiled a list with descriptions, that will suffice for our needs (for more details, please refer to the individual gallery descriptions or to wikipedia for example).

• Painting/Drawing/Airbrushing:
This involves using a mouse or graphics tablet along with a graphics program to create paintings or sketches directly in said program. Programs used include: Photoshop, Paint Shop Pro, the Gimp and others.

• Photomanipulation:
The use of photographs (in most cases more than one) which are then altered via a graphics program is considered to be Photomanipulation. Be advised that using filters or plug-ins is not a Photomanipulation and all deviations altered in that fashion should not be put here or in Photomanipulation, but in Digital Art > Miscellaneous. Also, using post-processing techniques like photographers would be able to apply in a darkroom is not a Photomanipulation either but still considered Photography. These techniques include, but are not limited to, changing hue, saturation, color, contrast, levels, desaturating, inverting,… Photomanipulations can be performed in programs such as Photoshop, Paint Shop Pro, the Gimp and others.

• 3-Dimensional:
Scenes or objects created through the means of rendering software that lets you set up the object and its environment (including position of objects and camera, light, atmosphere etc) as a first step. When you are ready, you have the option of rendering the scene in higher resolution for displaying your work. Programs used include: Poser, Maya, Cinema 4D, 3dsMax, Blender, Daz3D, Terragen and others.

• Fractals:
Fractal images are created using mathematical formulas. Their characteristic features is that it consists of a geometric shape that can be subdivided in parts, each of which is (at least approximately) a reduced-size copy of the whole (it is self-similar no mater how far you zoom in). Programs used to create fractals include: UltraFractal, Apophysis and others.

• Vectors/Vexels:
The difference between a vector and a vexel lies in their nature: while a vector uses vectors to store the image information, a vexel stores the information in raster format. For the purpose of the Mixed Media gallery, the difference is negligible though. The reason for this is that as soon as you add another art form to vectors, you need to raster the image thus converting it to a vexel basically. Both art forms have in common, that their looks are similar: imagine a picture composed from basic shapes filled with solid color, a gradient or a pattern, that when stacked upon each other form your picture (“posterized look”).

And what about the sub-categories?

Glad you asked :D
I plan on starting rather small and first see how things work out before adding more. It's pretty easy to create a new gallery, but getting rid of one that is not used properly can be a pain - especially if the deviations inside the category cannot be "mass-moved" but have to be sorted by hand. But I digress, the layout for the sub categories is planned as follows:
Digital Art > Mixed Media

• Abstract
Images submitted to this category should focus on color and/or form to represent the subject. Photorealistic content should not be part of this category (mandalas belong in this category).

• Animals & Plants
Images focusing on the depiction of Animals (mammals, insects, fish,...) and/or plants (flowers, trees,...) should be put here.

• Conceptual
Images where the artist's intent is to convey a concept rather than focus on the subject shown.

• Emotional
Images with the intent to convey an emotion such as sadness, happiness, joy, sorrow, loss,…

• Fantasy
Images focusing on the depiction of a fantasy theme (for example fairies,dwarfs, elves, gods/godesses, mythological creatures etc.) should be placed here.

• Landscapes & Scenery
Images depicting an expanse of scenery generally found outdoors or derived from fiction should be placed here.

• Miscellaneous
If you cannot place your image in any of the other sub-categories, you may place it here. But be sure to check the other sub-galleries first and only use this one as a last resort.

• People
Images focusing on depicting a person or a group of people should be placed here.

• Science Fiction
Images focusing on a Science Fiction like theme should be placed here. The name being a combination of science and fiction already suggests its nature as often dealing with technologically advanced people, on earth or on other planets, and how they master their lives. Popular examples of the genre are for example TV shows such as Star Trek or Battlestar Galactica; Movies such as Star Wars, Aeon Flux, AI or Matrix; books such as 1984 (George Orwell), Brave New World (Aldous Huxley) and many others. Please note that just like anywhere else on deviantArt, the use of copyrighted material is prohibited. This includes movie or TV screenshots and the like.
As I said above, additions to this layout will have to wait until we have the gallery running - categories that have been left out for now are for example surreal and horror&macabre.

to clarify this issue further
  • Mixed Media is meant to be a "real mix" of two or more of the following art forms: Paintings/Drawings/Airbrushing, Photomanipulation, 3-Dimensional, Fractals and Vectors/Vexels
  • By "real mix" I mean that for example a little post work (even if it takes some time) on your render is not Mixed Media, that includes changing colors, adding text and/or a border etc.
  • Also, doing outlines with the help of the pen tool and coloring it using a brush doesn't make it Mixed Media - it's still a painting or drawing or a cartoon
  • Furthermore, deviations that can be categorized as Comics/Cartoons or Manga/Anime should go in those respective galleries instead of anywhere in Digital Art
I know, most of these things are open to a certain degree of debate (safe for the last point) - or let's rather put it this way: if your piece is not really 50% of one and 50% of the other medium, but more like 80/20, then it is your descision if you would rather put it in the medium where 80% of your work was done in or if you want to put it into Mixed. The only thing I ask of you is that if the second art form only had a small part in the creative process, then please don't put it in Mixed.

This series of interviews will shed some light on some of the Mixed Media artists dA has to offer. Each one tells us a little about themselves and one specific deviation.

Daily Deviations
There's been some feedback that there aren't enough vector DDs chosen and
yeah, there are less than I'd like too. There are a couple of reasons for
this: first, I don't get a lot of suggestions; second, I don't have a lot
of opportunity to look for DD-worthy material myself because so much of
the time I put aside for browsing the gallery has to be spent dealing with miscats.

So all you fans of vector art can definitely help in this area by looking
for good work and suggesting it to me. Please do bear in mind that I think a DD should be something pretty special, so don't suggest images just because you like them, there should be something more to it than "Me

My guidelines for suggestions are:
:bulletblue: Do not suggest your own work.
:bulletblue: Please, only send me pieces that are in Vector Art!
:bulletblue: Try to suggest pieces that don't already have a lot of
favourites - I like the idea of DDs being used to promote work for those
who need the exposure.
:bulletblue: When you send me your Note put "DD suggestions" or something
like that in the subject line and include at least a few words about
why you think it deserves to be featured.

If you have questions, Note me.

Miscategorised artwork and moved deviations
Great News item on this topic in case you didn't spot it here. Please spread
the word about this; the more deviants know about the issues the better it is for all of us.

The Vector gallery, here on dA, is a medium-specific gallery and it's for
vector artwork. It's to show off what the medium can do, not
everything the software is capable of. So what should go into the
gallery is actually pretty obvious if you keep in mind that it's
medium-specific, but to spell out some of the important points:
no photographic elements of any kind;
no raster textures;
if you're using Photoshop or something similar no pixel-based brushes of
any kind and no filters (that includes blurring).

There's plenty of scope provided by the numerous other galleries on dA for your art that features vectors combined with other things.

Mixed Bags
These are my monthly selections of cool/fun/wow pieces from the gallery to help highlight some of the best that the Vector gallery has to offer. Here are some of my personal favourites from April's selection:

:thumb49822438: happy mothers day by gaafary
:thumb51197786: Pride Cover by mutleyjames

If you missed any of the previous ones at the time they're still there if
you want to check them out:

July - vehicles
August - animals
September - People

And don't forget to +:heart:

As always thanks to the fans of vectors here on dA who have helped bring
some of these artists and their work to my attention. Keep up the good

It's a busy time for the literature galleries, and there's a lot of things you ought to look out for.


I hear there's a big competition coming up soon for both poetry and prose involving lying. Stay tuned to the lit news for more information. The prizes are fantastic.

Fancy yourself a guru of Japanese poetic form? MSJames is holding a Spring haiku competition. Check it out here.

intangebility presents his Deviographies competition for Proseurs. It's a pretty fantastic idea. Have a look.

Soundzine - dA's Audio E-zine

Soundzine is a an online text and audio journal for poetry and flash fiction. Issue 1 is due out very soon, but they are willing to accept last-minute submissions. Read more.

Mimesis - New poetry journal

Mimesis is a poetry journal edited by myself. The first issue is due out any day now (and can be pre-ordered), and the second issue is open for submissions from folk like you. Have a look at the website here and the news article here.

Daily Deviations

I'm open, as ever, to all your nominations for poetry DDs. Please keep
them coming in via note with 'DD suggestion' in the subject field. Thanks!

:iconmarker-guru: & :iconanako-art:

Hello all!
Not major news this time. Mostly we have been struggling to keep up with all your reports in the report desk. WOW! can you guys pull through! I am so pleased with  how many reports we get. It means that there is that many less in the galleries that are miscats!  The struggle is worth it! y2jenn is jumping in to help us out! SO keep it up! we are so pleased that you are taking an interest in your community!
Having said that, Please don't report things saying they belong in scraps, simply because they aren't as skillfully executed as you like. Thats kinda mean. It's not your place to say that. The things that belong in scraps are, blurry, grainy, or messy scans and photos of art, that make the art nearly impossible to see, or are poorly presented. not because you don't like them. Also, please mention what series something you are reporting as fanart is. Sometimes we dont know, and we can't just take your word for it.

Now, about submitting your art: There seems to be some kind of confusion over what is digital, and what is traditional art! Traditional art is Pencils, markers, watercolour, acrylic, pencil crayons (coloured pencils) etc, Digital art is: Photoshop, MSpaint, Maya, Poser, Paint shop Pro, Adobe illustrator, Gimp! So even though your Photoshop work is done in a watercolour style, its still a digitally created paint stroke. Traditional Technique, Digital application. Does that make sense? Having said that, if you ink or draw your work traditionally, and then colour it digitally, you have to find a happy medium for it. If its just a pencil drawing with flood fill flat colours, it still counts as digital, because the most noticeable thing is the colours. Also, mixing digital and traditional, does not make something Mixed Media. kuschelirmel posted a journal About mixed media here. its worth a look.

Last thing! We need DD suggestions! If you find an exception anime piece, that is in the Manga/Anime category, thats Not too popular. less than 100 favs Please send Anako-ART or Marker-Guru a note, and tell us what you like about it.</a>!! Same goes, if you found an Anthro piece you like, send a note to Marker-Guru!

Don't forget we have a chat room open to talk to us! #animeGD! If you have questions, or want to talk, we are there.


The newest Photography Gallery Page layout doesn't make it totally easy to find the photography news, but if you're craving the latest and greatest stories from your fellow photography news hounds, check out the photography news here. You'll find tips and tricks, interviews, contests, and thumbnail features, all submitted by the community. Submit your own photography-related stories there too. It's a great way to get connected to other photographers.

:pointr:Artistic Nude Photography
:icontracieteephotography: & :iconscottb:
We would like to bring forth a new club created especially for nude photographers here on deviantART. :iconnewnudes:

This club was created just over 3 days ago and already it’s off to a fantastic start!

Scott and I asked Daniel the creator behind :iconnewnudes:   if he would be interested in writing a few words about this group so people have a good understanding on what it's all about and what he offers the Nude Art community and this is what he had to say….

My name is Daniel, I’m a 19 year old nude photographer from Sydney Australia. Until recently my interaction with thenudeinsider was purely on a viewer basis, but only a week ago i decided to submit my first works to thenudeinsider through my deviantART account dannystarr . I was amazed at what this community done for my account, so I decided to submit more works, and found that thenudeinsider had closed itself down, so I decided that I should start up my own community, thus newnudes was conceived

I never thought that newnudes would amount to anything, but after the first 6 hours of its creation, the support from fellow artists was amazing, in the first 2 days, I had over 10 submissions from around 4 artists (including myself), and a very generous contribution from an anonymous deviant in the form of a subscription donation.

I intend for newnudes to be just as big as thenudeinsider possibly bigger, I want all nude artists not only to submit, works, tips, and advice, but I want them to write journals, find new talent, and support newnudes by providing whatever support they can.

That’s all for this update but before we leave  we would love to show off some of the fantastic works of art submitted to the Artistic Nudes in the past few weeks  :)


Mature Content

Bodyscape III by wolfskin

Mature Content

ICE QUEEN by amelkovich

Hello folks, not much to go on about this go around except the recent changes to the Photojournalism gallery ones that hopefully will ease the amount of miscats going into these two sub categories.

Photojournalism > Events now becomes: Photojournalism > Natural Events

"Photographs depicting Natural occurrences, such as hurricanes, natural disasters, world changing events etc"

while Photojournalism > Public Gatherings now becomes Photojournalism > Public Gatherings and Events

"Photographs depicting public events: rallies, parades, protests, conventions and so on in a newsworthy setting"

These changes are a result of many many miscats going into either gallery as the previous names were a bit misleading. Please remember to read your gallery descriptions folks, it helps us all...I'm working on a Photojournalism contest that should be announced sometime soon so keep an eye out for it.

Oh the places we will go
The Places Gallery..should it stay or should it go? (ha! a Dr. Seuss AND a Clash reference in the same news!)  Why should it stay, why should it be removed? I'll be quite honest with you all, but I cannot find a single reason to keep it when a huge majority of the  images can easily be  fit into the Urban and Rural Galleries or the Nature Galleries.  The main issue being,  what constitutes a  newsworthy it  a national landmark...a roadway... your mom's backyard? Tell me why dA should keep the places category

Ghouldaddy out :salute:

Photojournalism in the news
Stop the Presses!!
Stop the Presses!! v2.0
"I do" photography on dA

:bulletgreen: RESOURCES

I'd like to discuss a bit of a pet peve of mine - so called 'renders', and signature tutorials.

Out on the internets, more often than not a forum signature (or tag) will include a 'render' (usually a anime/video game character or celebrity, or random image found on google images) that is used without the permission of the original artist or copyright holder.

Websites have sprouted up to provide people with 'renders' for their artwork, and people get the impression that these are legitimate stock resources. Unfortunately they aren't, and if you submit a 'render' to the resource gallery on deviantART it will be removed the instant it comes to our attention.

The same goes for signatures and signature tutorials. Just as we don't allow artists to steal other artists work, if you use copyrighted work without express permission from the copyright holder it will be removed.

Aside from the fact they're against policy, most of them a pretty poor tutorials anyhow - so it's quite annoying to browse through the tutorial gallery and have to wade through 'sig tut' after 'sig tut'. So for your sake as well as mine, if you come across a signature tutorial, use the 'Report Policy Violation' link :thumbsup:


In other news, the first edition of Resourceful - a newsletter featuring tutorials, textures, brushes, fonts and whatever else will help y'all create - should be out by the time you're reading this. You're all invited to contribute, so if you've got any resources you think everyone should see (yours or someone else's) send me a note!


To direct your comments towards the right gallery director, optionally prefix your comments with the following acronyms:


AR: for Artist Relations
PH: for Photography
AN: for Photography > Artistic Nudes
FP: for Photography > Fetish
SP: for Stock Photos
DA: for Digital Art
3D: for Digital Art -> 3 Dimensional Art
AA: for Digital Art > Anthro
DF: for Digital Art > Digital Fantasy
PM: for Digital Art -> Photomanipulation
PA: for Digital Art > Pixel Art
ANI: for Anime
AC: for Artisan Crafts
COM: for Comics and Cartooons
CON: for Contests
DI: for Designs & Interfaces
FL: for Flash
ICN: for Icons
POE: for Poetry
PRS: for Prose
ST: for Skins & Themes
TA: for Traditional Art
VP: for Visualization Presets
WP: for Wallpaper
RES: for Resources
FR: for Fractal Art

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StellaForever113 Featured By Owner Aug 6, 2007
I have a question, how do you make a default picture? Do you put a picture on a certain setting? How do you do it?
Hope to hear from you!
martrax Featured By Owner Jul 19, 2007
paz y amor!!!!
asixyan Featured By Owner Jul 2, 2007
It's an illness! Severe Hoff-addiction
MrDarksMayhem-C Featured By Owner Jun 13, 2007  Professional Artist
These are words of wisdom.
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iam french
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iamtope Featured By Owner Apr 16, 2007   Photographer
tnx 4 d info
scrum-yummy Featured By Owner Apr 15, 2007
I'm very happy to hear that signatures was removed (the only thing people used it for were edits!) and that you guys are working on sorting wallpapers by size...these are things that are very good, I've been waiting for them :XD:

Keep up the good work :heart:
Arianica Featured By Owner Apr 14, 2007
neda mi se čitat,sorry :)
mangatobbey Featured By Owner Apr 11, 2007  Hobbyist Photographer
wow .. giving away a hasselblad .. where does people get the money from >< ...

By the way , shouldnt this article have some Mateure Content sign ? Im thinking about the nude photos .. Its not a big deal for most of us, but some may react on it.

Cheers from *mangatobbey
Tak3zou Featured By Owner Apr 11, 2007
Hey Hanratty, i wish u are my girl...
just kidding :P
serinityofthemuse Featured By Owner Apr 10, 2007
woot! bring out the fun!
martrax Featured By Owner Apr 10, 2007
listen to your instinct...creative people does it always!!!!
SisterEsterQofA169 Featured By Owner Apr 9, 2007
i lov signature banners! som of them describe my personality & seriously they will keep u addited. tnx!
Kaishiru Featured By Owner Apr 9, 2007   Digital Artist
i thought i saw some nude pics...omg...i'm still pleased with this article anyways!!:nod:
violinette Featured By Owner Apr 9, 2007
sorry but I am french and I didn't understand all of the things are writen.....what mean?!
klar Featured By Owner Apr 8, 2007  Professional Traditional Artist
"If your piece is part digital and part traditional, you need to decide which of the two parts is dominant and then place it accordingly."

That's fair. I do that. I think long and hard and I do that.

... "If its just a pencil drawing with flood fill flat colours, it still counts as digital, because the most noticeable thing is the colours."

I love how red is apparently more "noticeable" than a detailed line drawing. JUST PENCIL. Yeah JUST pencil that took 6 hours and looks totally rad hello.

So if you're going to say something's digital because it's been sneezed on by some cheap photoshop knockoff, why do you recategorize things incorrectly? Placing a traditional drawing with flat floodfill colours that were used in place of a tacky watermark into the "digital drawings" category makes absolutely no sense whatsoever. The fact that some areas have been digitally filled in with like two colours does not change the nature of how the LINES were created, so tell your apes to at least put it into the "paintings & airbrushing" or I don't know "bucket fill" section so that people don't get a dozen idiots saying "oh my god how did you get those lines in photoshop?! :0!!!!"

And what happened to the promised categories for things that are both traditional and digital equally? I put a lot of time and effort into both linework and digital colours and the fact that one is flashier and more noticeable than the other to some knuckleheads shouldn't negate one's right to say which aspect is more prominent in their work.

Blah blah blah sorry if that came out cranky I need coffee. Really ;n; plese ;n; digital-traditional category ;n; it's what like, every single artist in those anime/fanart/furry/cartoons categories uses 70% of the time and most of you don't even like those categories anyways so this is an opportunity to tuck them away even deeper into the bowels of the category chain!

okashichan Featured By Owner Apr 8, 2007
ANI: “If its just a pencil drawing with flood fill flat colours, it still counts as digital, because the most noticeable thing is the colours.”

I’m sorry but…what!? Isn’t it up to the artist what they spent more effort and time on here? How in the world can this sentence be someone’s reasonable idea of how to categorize art? If I spend 40+ hours inking something traditionally and slap flat colors over it in photoshop I’m expected to call my work digital so all my real medium efforts are completely ignored and everyone thinks it’s inked in the computer? And now the description in the actual category breakdown has been changed to a piece of contradiction.

It says “if your work is more digital then traditional, it belongs in the digital art subcategory” Wouldn’t that stand to reason if your work is more TRADITIONAL then digital, it belongs in the traditional subcategory? This new ‘edit’ to the rules is basically saying, despite the amount of effort I put into my piece traditionally, if I spend a few minutes using photoshop I’m stuck being a digital artist? As far as I understand the real world and art, mostly digital and mostly traditional works have a drastically different look and feel from each other, and this seems to be taking away the artists right to decide what they’re own work is and what they were going for.

Also I did notice this was a rather blatant attack on a specific and very popular anime artist as well who was having a very public disagreement with this ridiculous change in policy that seems to only be very specific to anime artists. This is, perhaps, one of the most blatant public attacks I’ve seen directly from a moderator on this site and didn’t come off as tactful in any way.
missveryvery Featured By Owner Apr 8, 2007  Professional Digital Artist
"If its just a pencil drawing with flood fill flat colours, it still counts as digital, because the most noticeable thing is the colours"

wow, I like how this is a direct attack on *klar, an artist who, ANYONE WITH EYE BALLS IN THEIR HEADS, would notice the organic LINE ART FIRST. someoen who only flood fills their art so crazy people won't try to color it "for" her. this is disgusting. how can this site just blatantly disregard any kind of artistic understanding? flood fill that takes two seconds is somehow more important than the line art that took DAYS in this equation? seriously?! SERIOUSLY? wow. just wow. everyday deviantart becomes more and more not about art, and more about making sure the mods always seem right, even if it means CHANGING THE FABRIC OF SPACE AND TIME, so that EVEN THOUGH it says it's the artist's discretion on where they thing the category should be, you make this ONE very TINY and SPECIFIC caveat about something that has only been a problem with one, specific artist.

CONGRATULATIONS! a new amazing low!
scrum-yummy Featured By Owner Apr 15, 2007
...I don't think this was a direct attack on klar. They were explaining that they want that kind of work in a specific category, as well as the reasons why they want it there. Klar wasn't even mentioned, nor used as an example. They just clarified their stance on the issue and made an attempt to clear up any confusion associated with it. They do run the galleries, after all, and this is how they would like things done.
missveryvery Featured By Owner Apr 15, 2007  Professional Digital Artist
recent images of hers have been grossly miscategorized by admins for this EXACT reason, i sincerely doubt there are many artists that use line so effectively and then flood fill it with color. and it's clear there are other people who read this and knew exactly who they were talking about. please, just look at some of her art pieces in her gallery, i think you'll understand, some of the descs have commentary on this exact issue.
dxgraphic Featured By Owner Apr 8, 2007  Professional Interface Designer
dxgraphic Featured By Owner Apr 8, 2007  Professional Interface Designer
vaan123 Featured By Owner Apr 7, 2007
didnt bother reading so.....
error22 Featured By Owner Apr 7, 2007
yeah cool.
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new is new,,,
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EvilDevilDick Featured By Owner Apr 6, 2007
Thanks for all the updates! Great articles! Very informative.
gokselalkan Featured By Owner Apr 6, 2007
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How Do i JOIN this group of yours?
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Sounds good
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whats with the lyrics?
avataraang12 Featured By Owner Apr 4, 2007
boooring too long
avataraang12 Featured By Owner Apr 4, 2007
boooring too long
chakrabird Featured By Owner Apr 4, 2007
AR: I have a question about submitting news, that I don't know where to ask, maybe this is the place?

When submitting a news article under Art News featuring multiple media of art, I found it a problem that it's only possible to choose one category. Is this something that is going to change or is there a better category to submit this kind of articles, I didn't think there was, but maybe I misunderstood or overlooked something about the categories?
wolf-of-light Featured By Owner Apr 4, 2007
:sprint:I understand,is very fascinating:omg:
Elf-for-Him Featured By Owner Apr 4, 2007
so where did the signature banners go? do they just disappear or were they transfered to another category?
kuro-neko92 Featured By Owner Apr 4, 2007
yoh ^^
ToothBrush123 Featured By Owner Apr 4, 2007
What was this all about?
jorgeortegapintar Featured By Owner Apr 4, 2007
fruella Featured By Owner Apr 3, 2007  Hobbyist Photographer
soranogin Featured By Owner Apr 3, 2007
What do you mean by DD? I'm new to the site so I'm lost.
Mandyrobin Featured By Owner Apr 3, 2007  Hobbyist General Artist
DD means Daily Deviation. This FAQ topic should be helpful.
FAQ #18: Who selects the Daily Deviation and how is it chosen?
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