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And the winner of ALLof the following:

-Bessa R3A Gray
-Voigtlander 40/1.4 SC Limited  Edition Single Coat lens for B/W Voigtlander Lens Hood Bessa Side Grip
-Deluxe Camera Strap
-Abrahamasson Mini Soft Release
-NaneuPro U120
-2 Rolls of Agfa APX 25 from my personal stash

Is …  Alexander Kolbunov AKA irsy with his submission … :thumb43799520:.

This submission was a clear-cut winner

Some comments by those of the judges who selected it as the winner were as follows:

This is just a good shot. Technically, its well done and just the subject matter is a really intense juxtaposition. The  kind of shot that just makes me get a big wet one in my mangina. – Richard Harley, Director of Community Development and King Mangina!

Such a sad picture.   When I viewed it it did hit me with a strong  emotion. I feel that the moment captured is incredibly well-documented, where the contrast between lust and happiness, versus sadness and despair is hitting the viewer with its violent, raw  reality. I wish I had been moved by something happier, but this photo gets my vote. It's a Doisneau shot... with a dark twist. - Patrick Kahn, Publisher BookLA

I looked back and forth between three photos.  I chose this one because of how much life – real life – was depicted.  Not only.  The contrast between the couples – I have no idea how many people just up and kiss in Russian – and the subject frame right.  And being the film-jerk that I am … I am impressed that this deviant shot with film and didn’t have to “chimp” the screen to see if he nailed it.  He did. Chris Weeks, photographer

No comment left – Hossein Farmani, Founder of the Lucie Awards

I know … there isn’t a second prize.  Sorry. Maybe next time but I doubt it.

But … some of the other judges … I’ll tell you what they chose … and what they said!

Metro by knuta
Guess I am pretty jaded.  Most of the tabs were closed within a second of loading the thumbnail.  I don't like kid contest entries, the subject matter is too easy.  I also don't like entries which remind me of classic pics I have seen before.  I don't like contest pics that don't have a meaning to me beyond the image itself.  I narrowed it down to four pics that I enlarged to full size. One was quickly closed again.  Of the three remaining shots, one was interesting but too typical to have much meaning.  One was amusing and unusual, but only as a passing joke shot.  I found my pic of the bunch haunting, a superb study of loneliness and isolation in a fast moving city surrounded by strangers an arm length's away.  I want a signed print of this one, archivally processed of course. – Stephen Gandy,

Discontent by Nullermanden
The quality of the image is just great. I think the photographer has a deep understanding of the real values of photography. To me it is the best. – Christian Erhardt, Leica – Marketing Manager

Discontent by Nullermanden
I picked discontent for the pure brilliance of the shot. There's interesting pieces to the picture that can help identify where in the world you are, the composition is very well done and that expression is the ultimate icing on the cake. – Danielle, Director of Artist Relations

So … Alexander-from-somewhere-in-Russia-who-shoots-film … congratulations!

Thank you to all of the judges as well!

Everyone should thank spyed and Stephen from for providing the camera and accessories.  Oh, yeah, Ed from NaneuPro … thank you too for the killer camera bag!

Lastly, thank all of you who submitted to the contest!!!!!

Hope to do another one!

The following information is for Photographers of all levels of experience who are interested in increasing their knowledge of Photography with a concentration on the use of light.

Renowned Fetish Photographer David Lawrence will be traveling to the West Coast in the month of February and to Europe later in the year, and has arranged to hold a series of Workshops during his travels. These will be full weekend Workshops that will cover many aspects of Photography, including Lighting, Portraiture, Artistic Nudes,Fetish and of course rope bondage. In total there will be more than 24 hours of intensive teaching and interaction.

Included will be discussions on various topics such as Composition, Distortion & Perspective, Communication Skills, Location Lighting & Techniques, and Film vs. Digital. All will be able to obtain hands on experience of how to deal with location issues, and there will be location shooting involving both daytime and night photography. With over 30 years of experience as a Professional Photographer, David's knowledge will be sure to benefit greatly all attending.

This will be a lot of fun, as well as an excellent opportunity to meet and interact with other Photographers!

Location and Schedules:

Los Angeles, California - February 16th - 18th $400 plus $25 registration fee

Seattle, Washington - February 23rd - 25th $400 plus $25 registration fee

Workshop Logistics:

Friday - Meet & Greet - Introductions. 7:30 - 9:30pm
Saturday - Studio Lighting and Night Photography. 9am - 9pm
Sunday - Location Photography, Female Nudes. 9am - 6pm

European Cities are Berlin, Brussels, London. These dates have yet to be solidified.

If you would like more information regarding these events, please feel free to note :icondavidlawrence: or email him at

Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, celebrates its 6th birthday on Jan 15, also called Wikipedia Day. The website is a source of encyclopedic information, to which anyone can contribute, by adding new articles or improving existing ones.

On this day we would like to invite you, members of the devaintART community, to celebrate together with Wikipedians around the world, by doing what you do best - creating wonderful and inspiring works of art.

At the core of Wikipedia lies a dream. "Imagine a world in which every single human being can freely share in the sum of all knowledge." This is part of Wikimedia Foundation's vision statement. Your mission is to show us what the world will look like when Wikipedia is actually "finished" (obviously it can never be completely finished but use your imagination)

Submission rules:
:bulletgreen: open to all forms of art a seperate literature category will be opened
:bulletgreen: license: all works will have to be licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution or Attribution-Share alike license (cannot be "non-commercial" and cannot be "no-derivatives") or any other license allowed on Wikimedia Commons (see… for details. Since this might be a problem ).  Please contact for copyright-related questions.

Submit to community projects -> contests -> 2007 -> wikipedia day contest ->literature or community projects -> contests -> 2007 -> wikipedia day contest ->other media

Deadline: Feb 15th, 2007

:bulletgreen: 1st place - one item for $25 USD (or less) from's Wikipedia shop and a 1 year subscription to deviantART
:bulletgreen: 2nd place - one item for $20 USD (or less) from's Wikipedia shop  and a 6 month subscription to deviantART
:bulletgreen: 3rd place - one item for $15 USD (or less) from's Wikipedia shop  and a 3 month subscription to deviantART

* Oscar van Dillen, musician and composer, member of the Wikimedia Foundation's Board of Trustees
* Kizu Naoko (aka Aphaia), member of the Wikipedia community
* Clive Holden, multimedia artist and poet
* Moonbeam13, Director of Artist Relations, deviantART Inc.
* fourteenthstar, Prints Customer Service Supervisor & Message Network Manager, deviantART Inc.

Brought to you by :


Grand Prize Winner

:thumb44410970: by Ursylla

Runners up

Delerium contest entry by saiaii by saiaii

Delerium Contest Entry by minoukatze by minoukatze

Nuages du Monde by aequinox by aequinox

Sky Flowers by rabbitica by rabbitica

Nuages du Monde 1 by just-got-lucky by just-got-lucky

Congratulations to the winners!

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It came out of nowhere really.

No one expected it, least of all me.

It started with a small tickle in the back of my throat.  Nothing to call attention to, just enough to become irritating at times, certainly nothing a glass of water wouldn't fix.  

Then, it was a bit of a cough; dry, irritated, not persistent, well sometimes maybe, but really, it was nothing.

Then before I knew it... what one can only assume to be bits of my lungs started flying out in chunks with each wretching cough.  Okay a slight exaggeration, it's probably phlegm, no less disgusting I'm sure you'll agree.

I, having had pneumonia in the past, do not mess with this particular array of symptoms and like a good (albeit former) girl guide, head off to the doctor, who promptly prescribes me a heavy dose of antibiotics that should wipe out the beast thats making me wheeze and look like death warmed over..  in 5 short days.  However, he adds, should that fail here's a puffer.

Why would the super drug fail?  Regardless, I don't have a drug plan so I part with many shiny dollars and head home.  Five days later on the super drug and I feel about ten times worse, so I bid goodbye to many more shiny dollars, and start puffing away on my pretty new inhaler with more ugly side effects than one can shake a stick at.  Do you know what thrush is? Thrush is gross, rinse often if you play with puffers..

So as the Mega-steroids are now rushing consistently through my lungs.. 2 puffs.. 4 times a day please..  my illness flees.  Not out of my body, oh no, that would be too easy.  It flees into my sinuses, a place it's found solace in the past.  There are very few drugs that can permeate the sinus cavity and it's smart, my disease, it knows this, and I can hear it laughing maniacally at me in my head.

So back to the doctor I go, my wheezing has subsided for now, but my head, he can feel the pressure without even looking at me, I can't even stand the light in his office without tearing up, more antibiotics and a nasal spray, the joy.

Now, I part with more shiny dollars and head home again all the while pushing through my day job and deviantART, truthfully my insomnia was keeping me up so it wasn't that hard.  Now the germs are getting cocky.  Not only are they causing a ruckus in my head, the bastards have decided that's not enough and they're going to show me who's boss and spread back down to my lungs.

Now I'm hacking and coughing and it's echoing through my head at a volume that can only be compared to standing next to the main speakers at a rock concert.

and I'm down for the count for the next day and a half.

Don't count me dead yet though! It's tough but I've been through it before and in the end I always win.  It's just my body's way of telling me off when I've pushed it too far and truthfully I knew it was coming.

I'm on the mend though, I'm sitting up, I can speak and I no longer sound like a transvestite hooker.  I also don't start panting just by walking down the hall to go to the bathroom.  So hooray for me.

However this weekend is going to be filled with quiet home time for the most part with some time with my mom (I'm not infectious anymore mom!) Rest, relaxation, some catch up with dA and I will be back in business.  

If I haven't gotten back to you on something, this is why, but I will, just bear with me :)

Thank you, be safe and shields up! you don't know what's out there... you could be next.

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Well duh...

Your results:
You are Wonder Woman

You are a beautiful princess
with great strength of character.

Wonder Woman   100%
The Flash              85%
Green Lantern       80%
Supergirl               75%
Hulk                      75%
Batman                 70%
Catwoman             65%
Iron Man               65%
Robin                    62%
Spider-Man            55%
Superman             45%

Click here to take the Superhero Personality Test

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At the tender age of 96, Momofuku Ando has passed away.

For those that don't know he invented instant noodles.  The instant noodle cup that would carry me through a large part of my highschool and university life, was invented by him in 1971.

I feel a need to make a pilgrimmage to the Noodle museum in Osaka, who's with me?

I think we should all eat ramen tomorrow in memory of the guru.


The Unknown Artists Project is to expose talented, yet underrated, artists on deviantArt.  In spirit of that goal, we will present to the community a monthly feature showcasing unknown artists in photography, traditional art, digital art and literature.  

:pointr:  selections by :iconghouldaddy:
k.oo by AnBystrowska :thumb45036075: :thumb37743841:
Mademoiselle by Alyz Radio by sipsic :thumb38193655: :thumb43400802:

:pointr:  selections by :icongarrit:
Satama by Puuma :thumb43916385: :thumb39313562:
Alsberghe4 by Praet ... by princesslibusse Absence by dancingpixie

:pointr: selections by :iconimogene:
:thumb32370261: the stolen shadow by colinblakley Sir Oleson by Christophe-Niel :thumb41878058:
Sin titulo 98 by ElectricJoy :thumb44708894: pub2 by vesku

:pointr:  selections by :icontwosilverstars:
New Moon by yogarasu Stage II by deankuhta :thumb44065384: illustration of 'Drama' by ASHILOVEANI
Torch Ginger by p-e-a-k Search for life by BenWinspear LAZY GARDEN by HannahChapman Chain food garden by Guerreiro

:pointr:  selections by :iconzeruch:
Entwined... by stubborn-grime Source by anubis46 Helena con foglia by Bluoltremare Orange Coral by mLeeFineArt
:thumb42586186: Untitled and Rejected by DenisMurrell ---- is by robot-vs-monkey MORRISSEY Nouveau by Inky-la-reve

:pointr:  selections by :iconlovetodeviate:

Swish-Cthunk by Squeak-the-Freak
Rent Due by zarans-song
A Study in Strange by teh-doom
Assassination by whtmage
Where to Play? by Arkhein
Confessions of a Known Shark by Wolf-kin
Maskless at the Masquerade by binpajama
Winter in Chicago by GeneratingHype

:pointr: selections by :iconzebrazebrazebra:

.Albatross. by cza24-9
chattelcattlebeasties by CailinLiath
For The Closing Of A Petal by any-other-name
this is not a love poem by talken
We Are A Wound In A Tree by Antitheist
5: zeus answers everything by aliasHeist
Father was a voice by willowinsanity
Poetry Is Not... by astridiana

:pointr: selections by :iconpinkymccoversong:

"the scent of white" by xXdr0psXx
"Icarus, Stupid Dilettante" by thesunsleeps
"Fiona" by daquirigirl
"twenty-eight seconds away" by shecanread
"reason to believe" by NailsForBreakfast
"spider" by wecanlivelikethis
"Untitled" by griffisjaded
"2.07 to God" by sconosciutonoto
"Fall In Sanity" by Hellgrun

:pointr: selections by :iconfourteenthstar:
:thumb45510889: Possession by Sinfuljoy The piano by pandracchio

Mature Content

fishes died first by mahirates

Dreamer by fensterer Didn't Know Winter Came.. by A--4 Flirting with Sunset by Mizhak

:pointr:  selections by :iconmirrorkills:
Walking Prison by lilmei26 bottle of ark by macen Cyclops by Transferatu
:thumb39874431: When It Rains by Mythal Stantz by MK01 Peeeeaaanuuuuuuuuts by sacking-jimmy

If you are using Internet explorer, you must right-click on the thumb and choose "Open in new window" and the deviation will appear, along with the artist's name. Please visit the FAQ to learn more about the Unknown Artists Project and how you can contribute to its success.

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Ok I give, I need CSS and the chances of my getting around to doing it is growing more and more unlikely.


I'm looking for a black background with a couple of cutesy type skulls in pink and green.. that's right pink and green don't ask

I need the text to flow I want it to look cohesive and I have no idea what else to say about this.

I'll make it worth your while, please save me from myself :heart:  

You can note me or email me at

:pointr: Director of Artist Relations


The purpose of Artist Relations is to strengthen the community spirit as well as network with fellow artists so that we may bring outside opportunities to you, and help you to hone your skills. The Gallery Directors are the first people you should go to regarding your galleries. They are the people you need to make gallery suggestions to, and ask questions about your specific genre, or seek knowledge from. They also act as your lifeline to the administration. They are here to support and listen, and I can tell you we've got incredibly talented, devoted and passionate people on this team, so get to know them!

:bulletgreen: Firstly, Happy New Year :) I hope you are prepared for another exciting year because we have great things planned !

:bulletgreen: IMPORTANT - If you have an complaint about a gallery director, disagree with their daily deviation choices, the way they handle the gallery, or some other thing you feel you can't discuss with them one on one, then I am your next step.  Feel free to send a note or email me at  In the case of daily deviations, if you choose to belittle the artwork on the actual deviation page instead of following the procedure of contacting the gallery director or myself, you may find yourself banned as this is a violation of deviantART etiquette policies.  Consider that a warning.  Thank you.

:bulletgreen: Miscats are to be reported using the "report violation" button not by submitting a ticket to the help desk.  Doing so floods the desk and decreases the efficiency of the HD team by having them filter through cases that they can't do anything about.  Miscats are dealt with by myself and the Artist Relations team and we get hundreds of reports a day so please be patient, expecting a 24hr turn around on a miscat you report is not realistic.

:bulletgreen: While I will be filling positions for gallery directors in areas like Anthro, 3-D and wherever else I find a hole, I am not doing it until after I complete the review of the current team.  I appreciate the enthusiasm of the community but I require time to assess the team and decide what is needed.  Thank you :)

:bulletgreen: Please remember that I am taking suggestions for how to improve Artist Relations in the new year so feel free to send me your thoughts via note or email

:bulletgreen: This article on Underrated Photographers is pretty great too :)

:bulletgreen: If you missed it make sure you check out Weekly Help Desk Updates 1-04-07

:bulletgreen: Miss an edition of the newsletter? Check out my journal

:bulletgreen:  Looking for contests? Find a list of all AR sponsored contests here

The Key System
As you can see at the very bottom there is now a Key System. The way this will work is simple. If you have a specific inquiry or suggestion for a specific department, begin your comment with the appropriate Key Code, that way we can search the page and compile them and address them. Neat, huh?

It's been a wild year in the photography gallery. Not only did dA undergo a major version change, which created many different challenges, but we also made some big changes to the photography categories. We added new categories for closeups, performing arts, self portraits, expressive, political, horror and macabre, and more. We split abstract and surreal into separate categories because they need to be separate.

We also collapsed photojournalism and commercial photography categories under the main art photography umbrella, recognizing the artistic values of these genres.

There have been plenty of great contests too, whether official dA contests, dA sponsored contests, and user-created contests. These have helped deviants to push their talents to new levels, and earn cool swag too.

I've been impressed by how much the level of talent has risen in the dA photography community during 2006. The photography here just keeps getting better and better, and my jaw drops every time I browse the gallery. dA is really becoming a premiere destination for quality photography, thanks to its strong and lively community of artists and art lovers.

Next year we plan to keep working to make the photography gallery a better place. What kind of things would you like to see happen? Tell us!

:pointr:Stock Art

Taking Stock and the New Year

I get by with a little help from my friends
I get high with a little help from my friends

Do you need anybody?

I need stock friends to love


The biggest thing in Stock 06 was to add Sandi... oibyrd

We continue to have an online stock affair
I just love that girl. She is the DD queen
She is kicking my butt leaving open odd days so I will DD again

What does radioPooh do in stock?

Well I write the A/R article and I re-cat (a lot)

..... Onward to new horizons

Sandi and I talked

07 is the year of Stock

New Category structure




Contest   (yes. with actual prizes)

and more Pooh DD's

:pointr:Comics and Cartoons

Hello hello, guys and gals!  I hope the holidays are treating everyone well and that you're lookin' forward to the new year!  Nothing too enormous goin' on with the Comics and Cartoons gallery. Things are moving kinda slow because the flu finally decided it was time to make me and the family miserable. I'm still scootin' around in older submissions cleaning violations out and moving things around to better suited categories.  Please keep in mind that if something is deleted or moved you're more than welcome to contact the helpdesk if you have any questions! Your inquiry will be forwarded to the appropriate admin.

Just a little reminder to those who ink and/or color comic book artwork; While we completely understand that inking and coloring official comic book artwork (pages, panels, covers, sketches etc.) is fantastic practice we have to remind you that if you don't have valid permission to post said inked or colored artwork on dA from the copyright holder you can not submit it to your gallery or scraps.  For example, if I inked and colored (let's just pretend that I can ink and color for a moment) a piece of X-men artwork that I found online I would first need to contact Marvel and seek their permission to post it online as my artwork.  The piece of art is licensed to Marvel so posting it online in my personal gallery would be copyright infringement if I didn't provide evidence of permission.  Crediting the website you found it on and/or the original artist is not good enough.  Most sites that offer artwork like this will say that they are available for "free use"... however, these sites DO NOT always have the permission to offer the artwork by the copyright holders.  Please check out these FAQs and if you  have any further questions please feel free to note me and I'll go over it with ya.

FAQ #157: Can I use things created by other people in my submissions?
FAQ #257: What sort of permission do I need to use someone else's work?
FAQ #8: What are violations of the DeviantArt copyright policy?
FAQ #7: What is the policy concerning photographs of corpses, cruelty or death?

The Day in the Life of a Deviant contest winners have been announced!  I'm so happy with the winners and absolutely thrilled with the outcome as a whole.  You guys really pulled out all the stops and made the contest a huge success!  I'm still in the process of handing out all the prizes so if you're still owed something please sit tight!  It's comin'!  You can check out the winners and honorable mentions in this article.

Okay, that's that!  I'm lookin' so very forward to 2007 and the amazing bits of artwork that's sure to come with it!  Keep those pencils and other artsy  utensils movin'!  That's an order, by the way.  Otherwise I'll have to sick BombshellBoy on ya.  She's a biter.

First of all, we'd like to announce that the 3rd issue of our Manga/Anime Monthly Newsletter has just been posted, so take a look at it here and give it some love, because it's full of various stuff this month! :D We'd also like to mention that we're currently cleaning up the galleries - from the back as well as from the front. Everything because of the recent big category changes that miscategorized lots of deviations from the past few years. So if you see your deviations being moved, don't panic, because it's not your fault, we're just doing the cleaning.:) Most of the deviations are moved to Scraps and there they're waiting for you to put them into right categories. More information about it you'll find in our Newsletter.

At the end, we all wish you Happy New Year! :D

Just before Christmas, the long-awaited renaming of the Animals category to Animals & Plants has been accomplished. In addition, the gallery descriptions for the photomanipulation gallery and its subcategories have been revised.

The photomanipulation gallery now also includes a bit more information as to what is not a photomanipulation.

The other descriptions have been revamped to reflect their respective purposes better, at times including a hint at what is not supposed to go in there as well.  

When submitting your deviations, please make sure to read the descriptions!

Anything that doesn’t fit in will be moved to your scraps for you to find the appropriate category. If you are unhappy with my decision to move your piece, please write a help desk ticket before going all mad. We can always talk things over, but please be reasonable and give me the time to get back to you.

See also FAQ #634: Why was my deviation relocated or moved?

As the end of the year is getting nearer, I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy being here on dA with such a wonderfully strong community. And the photomanipulators have been nothing but kind to me since I started being a gallery director in July. Thank you all for your support and encouragement, the nice notes I get and the wonderful comments you leave not only for me but for everyone who needs it. For 2007, I wish you all the very best and hope we can continue the way we started out together and even make 2007 better than 2006 ever was ;)

Please continue to contact me if you’ve got any questions/suggestions/problems to be solved – I promise not to bite.

Best wishes for 2007!

:pointr:Digital Art

The vexel gallery has been sent in and will be set in place shortly when the Moonbeam13 gets to it on her priority list.  It was an interesting subject to research because there really aren't that many sites dedicated to the subject, and those that are don't completely agree because the medium is so new.  Piecing together information from vexels dot net, freevexels dot com, answers dot com, and wikipedia, I was able to come up with this:
    Vexel:  Derived from combining the terms “vector” and “pixel,” a vexel is a type of image that has a posterized appearance similar to vector graphics but may contain raster elements.  Vexels are images created using tools such as the pen tool or the selection tool for point to point plotting that may be gradient filled.  Images that contain brushing or freehand strokes should not be posted to this gallery.  Before submitting art to this gallery, please read the following definitions to determine if your art falls into this category.  If unsure, please look at what already has been submitted and see if your art has the same appearance to this style of art. Raster:  A bitmap image that is made of pixels, or individual points of color.  Being pixel based, they are resolution dependant, meaning they cannot be resized on a large scale without degrading the quality of the image.  The two most common raster file types are BMP and JPEG.  Photographs are an example of a raster image. Posterization:  The effect when an image is displayed or created using a small number of colors or shades to create distinct yet flat areas of different gradients or tones.  Standard images use as many as 16 million individual colors but typical vexels use only a fraction of that to create the image.

Some sources said vexels were images that had clean block shapes but after looking at the art on various sites, not all had that characteristic.  Some vexels looked very clean, similar to vector works.  Because it wasn't evident in many of the works, it was left out of the description.  What I tried to do instead was write something that was clear enough to understand and simple enough for people to post art to without creating a gallery full of miscat images.  The good news is vexels are so new a medium that changes in gallery descriptions can be made after the community grows and develops.  One thing was clear from the feedback here, people are passionate about the subject so if you have anything to add, send me a note.

For the sub-galleries, a wide enough range was created to allow future growth without needing to constantly add sections.  These galleries include:
    Fanart:  Vexel images based upon an existing work, or copyrighted character.  Fan characters also belong here.  An example of a fan character would be a character that would fit into Sonic the Hedgehog genre.
      Anime/Manga:  Vexel images that are based upon characters from copyrighted anime/manga series.  Examples include Inuyashi, Naruto, Neon Genesis Evangelion, Ghost in the Shell, and other known series. TV/Movies:  Vexel images based upon a television show or a movie/film. Books/Novels:  Vexel images based upon published writings.  Examples include the Harry Potter books, Lord of the Rings, and popular childhood stories. Comics/Cartoons:  Vexel images based upon characters found in comic books, cartoons, and full length animated movies.  Examples include Disney works, DC and Marvel comics, Hanna Barbara creations, and similar works. Games:  Vexel images based upon board games, pc/online games, and video games.  Examples include Dungeons and Dragons, World of Warcraft, Final Fantasy, and Neopets. Music:  Vexel images depicting characters or symbols from music bands or groups.  Examples include images of the actual members, stylized band names, or band mascots. Miscellaneous:  Vexel fanart images that do not clearly fit in the other fanart sub galleries.  Examples include creating an image of a fellow deviant, or making a work dedicated to their art.
    Abstract:  Vexel images that does not contain clearly defined shapes or symbols but instead rely upon emotion and artistic expression through the image. Animals:  Vexel images depicting real animals that can be found on in nature, or those that have gone extinct.  Animals that are believed to be fictional should not be posted here but placed in the appropriate fantasy or sci-fi gallery instead. Fantasy:  Vexel images based upon fantasy places such as medieval settings or mystical lands.  Commonly believed fictional creatures and characters should be posted here as well.  Examples of this include castle scenes, elves, wizards, dragons, unicorns, and similar artwork. Landscapes and Scenery:  Vexel images that depicts nature and landscape scenes that can be found in the world around us.
      Cities and Structures:  Vexel images that depict buildings, cities, or similar rural structures. Landscapes:  Vexel images that depict terrains such as mountains, forests, fields, and similar landscapes. Waterscapes:  Vexel images that depict bodies of water such as lakes, oceans, coastlines, or waterfalls.
    Macabre/Dark:  Vexel images that use horror and dark moods to provide a more disturbing and shocking image. Miscellaneous:  Vexel images that do not clearly fit into the other vexel categories.  Images posted here should only be done so after thoroughly reading the other gallery descriptions to see if your image does not fit into another section. People:  Vexel images that depict a person or group of people. Science Fiction:  Vexel images that depict speculative scientific discoveries, technological developments, space travel and scenes, and perceived life forms from other worlds.  Examples include space ships, aliens, time travel, futuristic weapons, and similar subjects. Silhouette:  Also called line-art, this section is for vexel images that use two base colors to create the pattern of the image.  The result is a flatter, bolder piece of art that uses the shapes and structures to create the image. Surreal:  Vexel images where the subject matter has a dream like, not true to reality type of nature.  Art that contains real elements in situations that cannot possibly exist are examples of this type of art. Vehicles:  Vexel images that depict forms of transportation.  Types can include automobiles, planes, trains, ships, and other modes of travel.

As you can see, there is enough diversity for vexel artists to post art to yet it's clear enough to not create a headache for people when determing where their creations should be posted.  I'm a big fan of simple and clear.  Some of these galleries will get much more traffic than others but I'm excited to see how they grow and develop.

On a completely different subject, I'd like to remind people that the only anime, anthro, oekaki, and comics/cartoons allowed in the main digital galleries is fanart.  I've seen a trend of people using the fantasy galleries for this type of art, that's not the proper place for such images.  These mediums have their own sections now, please use them if you create such art.

2007 is upon us, nighty and I have a plan for the digital galleries. Lots of great things coming, stay tuned.  Keep an eye on the news articles as well, there's going to be even more exposure using that tool as well. 2006 was awesome for digital art but 2007 is going to be even better.

Hi all, just a short newsletter from me this time around to wish you a happy and safe New Year.

It's been a great year for the wallpaper gallery and i'm very proud to be able to be a part of it. Please keep making my work here a pleasure! Here's to another great year in 2007!

We are just about to start judging the Exotica II competition, so stay tuned for the winners very soon.

A quick reminder that any desktop Screenshots should be placed in the Customisation > Screenshots gallery and NOT the Wallpaper gallery. Any screenshots, and by this I mean any captures of your desktop showing a wallpaper and icons and task bar etc in any os including Windows and OSX, will be relocated to your scraps.

Happy New Year All :D


To direct your comments towards the right gallery director, optionally prefix your comments with the following acronyms:


AR: for Artist Relations
PH: for Photography
AN: for Photography > Artistic Nudes
FP: for Photography > Fetish
SP: for Stock Photos
DA: for Digital Art
3D: for Digital Art -> 3 Dimensional Art
AA: for Digital Art > Anthro
DF: for Digital Art > Digital Fantasy
PM: for Digital Art -> Photomanipulation
PA: for Digital Art > Pixel Art
ANI: for Anime
AC: for Artisan Crafts
COM: for Comics and Cartooons
CON: for Contests
DI: for Designs & Interfaces
FL: for Flash
ICN: for Icons
POE: for Poetry
PRS: for Prose
ST: for Skins & Themes
TA: for Traditional Art
VP: for Visualization Presets
WP: for Wallpaper
RES: for Resources
FR: for Fractal Art

The Year of Happiness

Wed Jan 3, 2007, 11:51 AM
  • Reading: The Last Templar
I've been thinking about 2007 since about October in terms of where things were going both with my professional and personal life.

2006 is a hard year to top for me in terms of giant life changes.  I changed my career for the better.  My personal life underwent changes, in all aspects of my relationships and I faced my biggest demons in a very challenging and emotional game of chicken.  I quit smoking, I moved into a new apartment, I cut off my hair and went pink semi-permanently and I pierced my nose. Of course, I also turned 30 hah.

It was certainly a year of metamorphosis for me.  So I've decided that 2007 is a year of happiness.  I've met incredible people that I feel lucky to call friends, my business is doing well, I love deviantART and things are beginning to settle.  I've decided to take on some new challenges like scuba diving, ballroom dancing and climbing to name a few.

There will certainly be more living in 2007.

I'm very happy and feeling very healthy these days. I hope you are all finding yourselves in similar places and I wish you the best in the upcoming year.  I can assure you that we have some great things planned here :dance:


Sat Dec 30, 2006, 6:36 AM
  • Reading: Talk to the hand
So this morning's headlines..

A piece of canadian ice shelf greater to 11 thousand football fields has broken free due to climate changes.  It's 497 miles south of the north pole.. this shouldn't be happening.  Did you all see The Day After Tomorrow? I think I'm going to go watch it again as survival training.

At what point do we wake up and realize the impact we are having on our world?  And this bullshit about one person not making a difference is exactly that.

Do your part, be conservative with energy and not wasteful.  Reduce, reuse, recycle and all that jazz.. this crap about it being someone elses problem is clearly not the correct answer.

I'd like there to be a world for my children and grandchildren.

In other news today, someone in china bred a flourescent green pig.

I have no idea, I just live here..

Merry Yule

Fri Dec 22, 2006, 8:27 PM
  • Reading: Talk to the hand
It's Yule for me.. a little history and a blessing for you because I just wouldn't be me if i didn't :)

Yule is also called by the name: Winter Solstice. It celebrates the rebirth of the Sun God and honors the Horned God. On Yule we experience the longest night of the year. Although much of the winter harvest weather is still to come, we celebrate the coming light and thank the Gods for seeing us through the longest night. It is a time to look on the past year's achievements and to celebrate with family and friends. From this day until MidSummer, the days will grow longer and banish the darkness to begin the light that brings warmth and life to the world. This is the official first day of winter.

I invite you to light the world with me.

You'll need a small globe, whether it's a drawing or an actual globe is up to you, just a visual representation of the earth.  You will also need three white candles in candle holders.

Set the candles in a triangle around the globe and light the candles in clockwise order, starting at the top.  

Extinguish the candles counterclockwise while saying:

The longest night,
winter of the soul.

While in the dark this is your time to contemplate the positive changes you wish to see in the world.  When you're ready, light the candles clockwise and say:

From the depths of the
soul comes hope,
light of the world

Spin the glove, visualizing the positive changes.  Let the candles burn all the way down and keep your globe in a place that will remind you to be a positive light in the new year.

Blessed be to you all.


Heather's Joke

Sun Dec 17, 2006, 2:10 PM
Heather's Best Joke Ever
At least until she comes up with a better one

Two muffins are baking in an oven
One muffin says to the other muffin "Man, it's hot in here"
The other muffin looks at him and says "Holy crap a talking muffin"

  • Listening to: Sunday bloody Sunday
  • Reading: Phule's Army

:pointr: Director of Artist Relations


The purpose of Artist Relations is to strengthen the community spirit as well as network with fellow artists so that we may bring outside opportunities to you, and help you to hone your skills. The Gallery Directors are the first people you should go to regarding your galleries. They are the people you need to make gallery suggestions to, and ask questions about your specific genre, or seek knowledge from. They also act as your lifeline to the administration. They are here to support and listen, and I can tell you we've got incredibly talented, devoted and passionate people on this team, so get to know them!

:bulletgreen: Important things first! I take a size small.. my favorite colors are green and pink and I like oatmeal cookies HINTHINTNUDGENUDGE ..<cough>  Alright ...alright.. but do have a safe and happy holiday season everyone :heart:

:bulletgreen: Due to personal time constraints, smashmethod has opted to leave the AR team for now.  We thank him for his dedication and wish him the best in the future :heart:

:bulletgreen: While I will be filling positions for gallery directors in areas like Anthro, 3-D and wherever else I find a hole, I am not doing it until after the new year.  I appreciate the enthusiasm of the community but I require time to assess the current team and decide what is needed.  Thank you :)

:bulletgreen: I have completed the task of selecting all of the artists for the BT/Thomas Dolby tour.  I appreciated this project because I literally spent hundreds of hours in thousands and thousands of galleries over the course of two months.  I found artists I’d never known about and it really renewed my love for deviantART.  Congratulations to those artists that were selected, I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.

:bulletgreen: As the end of the year draws near, I am spending time summarizing the year in terms of Artist Relations in order to make a plan for the upcoming year.  To this end I ask for your input.  I would like to hear your thoughts on improving the galleries and Artist Relations.  I’d also like to know what is working for you and what isn’t.  If you would like to contribute to this, please send me a note with the subject Suggestions for 2007.  

:bulletgreen:  I would like to draw your attention to Editorial: v5 News by bananaprincess as a perfect example of a brilliantly executed editorial.

:bulletgreen:  Please check out the project Word-worth-1000-pics

:bulletgreen: We now have a category called devWEAR portraits under the dA related gallery.  This is where you can model your new devWEAR swag J

:bulletgreen:  I have to clean up the categories in Resources -> Tutorials.  There are hundreds of thousands of miscategorized deviations now that the new category structure has been created.  With that being said, this is the new main category structure:

Resources -> Tutorials ->

- traditional art
- digital art
- web design
- application reference
- non-art

The following categories on the main list (if you browse) are set to be removed.  If you have deviations in this category they must be relocated to the correct category or they will be moved to scraps for you to relocate later prior to the category being deleted so as not to delete your work  

- 3d studio max
- Blender
- Bryce
- Dreamweaver
- Flash
- Lightwave
- Maya

I thank you for your cooperation, I will begin relocating things to scraps toward the end of next week.

:bulletgreen: If you contact the help desk about something to do with a deviation please link said deviation.  It certainly helps me to respond faster to your issue :)

:bulletgreen:  Looking for contests? Find a list of all AR sponsored contests here

The Key System
As you can see at the very bottom there is now a Key System. The way this will work is simple. If you have a specific inquiry or suggestion for a specific department, begin your comment with the appropriate Key Code, that way we can search the page and compile them and address them. Neat, huh?


There are a couple of things I'd like to touch on. The first is a congratulations to emilymartian on her being featured in "New Mini" magazine and you can read about her experience here.

Second, with the introduction of the way back feature I've begun a massive cleansing of the Photojournalism Gallery. So far I've cleaned up to August 2001, this is proving a task as in the beginning there was only Photojournalism misc. followed by events, people, and then you can see there's a great deal that's changed and deviations were never moved accordingly. By the time I'm done, the sub par stuff will be out and the gallery should look top notch.

Next I want to touch on something that is related to the above. When a gallery director moves something, it's moved because it's in the wrong it may be in the right gallery for instance a photo of a public protest should be placed in Political, or Public Gatherings..not concert and musicians...get my point. When a piece can fit in more than one category, or doesn't belong in the gallery outright, a gd will move your deviation to Scraps...this is not to say your image isn't worthy of your gallery, it's just placed there, so that YOU can move it to a more fitting place in your gallery. So what I'm getting at here is before flipping out and writing a scathing journal about the big bad gallery directors take a step back and send in a help desk ticket and get a proper reason as to why your image was moved. The Gallery Directors are here to work with you, not against you. And please remember the Photojournalism gallery is about "newsworthy" images, so leave out the pics of you and you friends goofing off at school etc. or of your new kitty Max..they can be the greatest deviations ever, but they just don't belong in Photojournalism.

Lastly, after a great  many requests I'd like to introduce the  newest addition to the Photojournalism Gallery:

Images or series of images taken to accompany an editorial piece or photographed in a documentary style. Photo essay's would also be submitted to this category. A series of random snapshots DO NOT belong in Documentary/Editorial, but may be uploaded to your scraps. Images containing date and time stamps will automatically be moved to your scraps.

I guess that's all for now..oh one more thing. Time stamps..please people, PUH-LEASE read the manual on your camera, turn off time stamps!!!! They do nothing for your image what so ever othe than make it seem like a cheap snapshot..and we all know where snapshots belong don't we? Let's hear it..all together now... SCRAPS!! and that's where I will be placing anything with a time stamp on it. Can't figure out how to remove it? Then please crop it out.

And on a completely unrelated matter...please check out the 12 dAys of Christmas contest on now and win yourselves some fancy swag! read the news here…

:pointr: Artistic Nude Photography
Over the last few weeks I’ve seen a large amount of work submitted to the Artistic Nude gallery that does not adhere to the “deviantART nudity policy”.  These guidelines are in place to ensure that we have a high quality website and galleries that conform to their own standards. So PLEASE read this document FAQ #23: What are DeviantArt policies on nudity? before submitting you work.

I can’t believe how many times I’ve seen deleted deviations resubmitted over and over again sometimes up to three times.

If your deviation has been deleted because it was in breach of the deviantART nudity policy this does not mean you can resubmit it again under a different name, change the colour, rotate it or submit it in a different gallery.

I’d like to say a big thanks to all the people out there helping to report such deviations as this you’ve all been a wonderful help!

DD Suggestions

Is everyone on holidays already? I miss getting my inbox full of DD suggestions everyday. If you see a wicked piece of  Artistic Nude work you would like to see featured feel free to drop over to :iconscottb: or myself and send us a note with your suggestion. All you need to do is…..

1. Title your note as “DD Suggestion”
2. Send us a “Link” with a brief description
3. Make sure the image doesn’t have 100’s of favs

It’s great to choose unknown artists where possible so we can bring those hidden talents out into the open:XD:

:pointr:Nature Photography

The first changes in the Animals, Plants & Nature category are done. You can see below that a lot of things are completely new and that some stuff has changed. It's a big step for the Animals, Plants & Nature community into the future.

I got so much feedback during the last few months and tried to include all your suggestions into the new category structure. It was a long process to reach that point but you see that it's really a massive change and in the right direction. Thanks again for your massive feedback and response.


New Animals, Plants & Nature Category:

   * Astrophotography
   :new:Closeup -> Animals | Nature
   :new:Dogs & Cats
   * Elements
   * Flowers & Plants
   * Geology
   :new:Human & Nature
   :new:Insects & Arachnids *renamed*
   * Landscapes
   :new:Mammals -> Domesticated Animals | Wild Animals  
   * Miscellaneous
   :new: Reptiles & Amphibians
   :new: Underwater
   * Waterscapes
   :new:Weather & Sky *combined*


Ok, you can see that the new system is separated into:

Animals: Birds, Closeup (Animals (Macro shot from a butterfly for example), Dogs & Cats, Insects & Arachnids, Mammals (Domesticated Animals, Wild Animals), Reptiles & Amphibians, Underwater (fish for example)

Nature: Astrophotography, Closeup (Nature (Macro shot from a leaf for example), Elements, Flowers & Plants, Geology, Human & Nature (A girl with a butterfly in her hand for example), Landscapes, Underwater (reef for example), Waterscapes, Weather & Sky

Plants: Flowers & Plants, Closeup (Nature (Macro shot from a flower for example)


Most stuff is already active, but some big changes will come the next days like Mammals, etc.  If you have misscats in your category -> please move it to the right category otherwise nobody will find it. You have new categories, begin to use it. Contact me if you need help.


Your help is needed. The categories are fine, but they need fitting descriptions that everybody can understand. Confusing Descriptions are a pain and we can avoid that. I want to involve you in that process, you must work with that category system and the best way to secure that everyone understand and respect the descriptions & guidelines is to offer you the chance to suggest descriptions for it.

Descriptions means -> a good explanation for the category -> 1 - 3 sentences long.

An example: Photojournalism Sports -> Photographs of sporting events, locations, equipment, or athletes taken to document the wide world of sports.

We need descriptions for:

- Birds
- Closeup ( Sub Categories: Animals, Nature)
- Dogs & Cats
- Mammals (Sub Categories: Domesticated Animals, Wild Animals)
- Reptiles & Amphibians
- Underwater

Good Descriptions are really important. Use your chance and get involved.

1 x 1 Year Subscription to dA + 2 x 3 Months + 2 x 1 Month Subscription are waiting for the people as little thank you for the best suggestions.

Get started! I


Topic: What is a Close Up (Macro) and should I upload my shot into this category?
Let's see the Gallery Desc on dA:

Closeup definition: Photography in which the image on film or electronic sensor is as large or larger than the subject. Otherwise it's not a Closeup-Shot and not the right category.

Additional Info:
For example, suppose a photographer wants to take a macro photograph of a coin on film. With the lens set for a magnification of 1:1, he or she moves the camera to and fro until the coin is in focus, then takes the picture. After having the film developed, the photographer can place the coin on the film, and the coin will be exactly the same size as the picture of the coin on the negative or slide.

In recent years, the term macro has come to mean being able to focus on a subject close enough so that when a standard 102×152 mm (4×6 inch) print is made, the image is life-size or larger.

Next, the photographer photographs it from farther away, this time, setting the lens to a magnification of 1:4, again moving to and fro until the coin is in focus, and taking the picture. The real coin is now four times as big across as the image; that is, the image and the coin are in a 1:4 relationship. If a 4× enlargement print (about 100×150 mm) is made, the size of the coin will match the size of the photo of the coin. That is, the image is life-size, or 1:1, in the print.

Technical requirements:

Shots in this category are done:
:bulletblue: by reversing the lens using a "reversing ring" or
:bulletblue: by using a special-purpose lens called a macro lens or
:bulletblue: placing an extension tube between the camera body and the lens or
:bulletblue: by using a bellows attachment between the camera body and the lens to extend the lens to film plane distance or
:bulletblue: by attaching a telephoto extender between the camera body and the lens or
:bulletblue:by reversing a lens of lesser focal length in front of a normally mounted lens using a "macro coupler," which uses two male filter threads to join lenses.


Some examples:

:thumb44809626: that isn't a Close Up

Zot in a Knot by HeatherTelesca that is a Close Up

Big Trouble in a Little Kitten by IrishRaine that isn't a Close Up

ladybug by graemo that is a Close Up

the cutest dog in the world by claytes that isn't a Close Up

A Leaf by HolgaVision that is a Close Up

:thumb17888102: that isn't a Close Up

:thumb25715193: that is a Close Up

:thumb32636165: that isn't a Close Up

Hawk by justinblackphotos that is a Close Up


Please consider that if you upload shots to the Close Up-Section. The Close Up category is one of the most suggested category additions and a good addition for the nature & animal photographers on dA, but if the gallery ends full of misscats nobody will be happy in the end.

It would be nice if you would tell your friends about it (if they do nature photography on dA).

:pointr:Stock Art

And the Stock Art was hung from the Chimney with care In hope that Saint Nicolas would soon be there

Greetings from Sandi .. oibyrd and David radioPooh

Your prince and princess of stock art , Your Mac Daddy and Mac Momma, Your Samson and Delilah , Your Archie and Veronica of the Stock world

Etiquette and being constructive

There is a difference in slamming a piece of art and being constructive. A few feel that it is there right to really slam art ( especially stock art)

I think we need to build a new world order in the art world where we try to help fellow artist to make their art better  .. if you don’t like a piece of art .. then let them know . but let them know why and how they could make it better ..

the comment “your picture sucks” makes me want to reply “your comment sucks but with a few more insightful words it could have been constructive”

We just want people to play nice ..  If you come under attack . don’t attack back .. travel the high road .. one technique I do when some one slams me  is to make a positive comment on their art way of balancing the scales and taking the high road

Stock Art is planning a get together at Stonehenge in 2008 where we will form a big ring during the summer solstice by holding hands and singing we are stock art. Okay just kidding . but it could happen if we believe

:pointr:Comics and Cartoons

Hiya guys and gals!  There's only a couple of things I need to rattle on about this week.  First things first, the Day in the Life of a Deviant contest is officially over and closed to entries!  I've contacted the other five judges and the results should be ready to unveil sometime within the next week.  I am VERY pleased with the outcome and for those who entered.  Good luck, guys!

I'm currently going through the Comics and Cartoons gallery in its entirety and moving things around or deleting violations.  I've begun work in the 2001 submissions so if you see any of your really old work getting moved or deleted please don't panic.  If you have any questions about it please contact the helpdesk and your ticket will be forwarded to the appropriate admins.  Just to add a bit to this... I've had to move a large amount of recent deviations from C&C to Manga/Anime.  If your work is obviously anime please place it in the correct category.  If you refer to your comics as manga or Doujinshi then i'm goin' to move it there! Manga/Anime was given it's own category so please take advantage of it! Copyright violations will be removed regardless of your credit to the original source.  Do not use dA as a dumping ground for "pretty pictures you found on Google".  That goes for any edits of artwork that isn't originally yours as well... unless, of course, you have valid permission from the original copyright owner.  That doesn't mean from the site that offers ripped sprites from Sonic games.  That means you need to contact Nintendo and ask their permission before your sprite comics or edits can be posted on dA.  Furthermore, please don't use other folks posting artwork like this as an excuse.  If you see others getting away with copyright violations that doesn't mean it's okay.  That just means they either haven't been reported or the administration hasn't seen the violations yet.

For the record, I love how festive Comics and Cartoons is lookin' right now.  So I will close this with a heap of holiday cheer thrown your way! Oh, and Stardrunk is starting a clothing line made of fruitcake.  I'm wearing the boots right now.  Sturdy suckers, they are!

Gallery Features:
:bulletblue: News and Thumbnail Smorgasbord

Not much news for us, We really still need newsletter content and DD suggestions especially. We want to also press a point. if you have a problem with a DD thats been posted, don't be a complete idiot about it. Suck it up and move on. not everyone will share the tastes of the artist or the person choosing the DD. Thats because everyone is different. that doesn't discredit the work that goes into a piece of art, or make it not DD worthy. So be a grown up, you don't share the opinion, oh well get over it. Maybe next time you will suggest something you like better. but really, insulting the deviation makes you look like the biggest most jealous geek in the universe. Also remember a critique has to sound like a critique, not an insult. any old whining cant be written off as a critique just because you say it is... be constructive, and also point out some positive aspects to the piece. if you don't have the skills, or open mindedness to analyze a piece objectively, you should really consider your capability of giving a critique before possibly making a fool of yourself, or hurting someones feelings.

:pointr:Digital Art

Not a lot to point to this time but things are happening.  The Digital Vexel gallery is under construction and will be sent in before the ending of the year.  The goal is to give the vexel artists a Christmas present all their own.  I will  continue to read through the comments and notes sent to me so a more unified description can be written.  Hopefully both vector and vexel artists will be happy with the results.

Keep the daily deviation suggestions coming, I'm excited at what has been suggested so far this month.  I tend to feature more sci-fi and fantasy work, as well as fractal but the goal is to highlight all the digital galleries.  If you don't see areas represented, please send me some suggestions.

On a similar note, smashmethod will be greatly missed from the digital directors ranks.  I tended to stear clear of featuring 3D work because he covered those bases with excellence.  Now that he has stepped down for personal reasons, please continue to suggest 3D works for daily deviations.  Both nighty and myself are general digital directors and we both have a passion to help the digital galleries get exposure.  I showcase 3D work in some of my news articles so I'd be more than happy to help out the 3D areas by featuring them for daily deviations, please send your suggestions my way.

Until next time, have a happy holiday season.

I would like to remind you that I follow certain rules when choosing DDs and if you want to suggest any to me, it might avoid disappointment if you read them first.
  • photomanipulations ONLY
  • last DD must be longer than 6 months ago, preferrably no previous DDs awarded
  • Stock sources have to be listed
  • Don't suggest yourself!
  • Please send me a note with the link to the piece you want to see featured
An explanation to each of the items listed above can be found in my journal

If you haven't read them yet, here are the first four issues of "Manip Tips & Tricks": Next up: fourteenthstar

:pointr:Designs and Interfaces

Hi, just a few things I'd like to cover so here goes:

Firstly, I've moved quite a few deviations from the tattoos gallery into scraps lately and the reason for that is that I don't believe photographs of tattoos should be placed in this gallery. However, I stand corrected by Moonbeam13 that I should allow such deviations to remain within the category. As a result, those that submitted help desk ticket, I'll have your deviations moved back. My apologies.  But before I wrap this up, I would appreciate that you clearly state in the comment area that the tattoo was inked by yourself. Failure to do so would result in your deviation being forwarded to scraps for being in the wrong category. This doesn't only go for the tattoo artists but for every designer that submits within the DI gallery. If it's not obvious that your deviation is of a particular nature, it's wise you give a brief comment.

Secondly, a new category has been created for Mascot designs. Mascots are not logos although their function is similar. So I'm asking that you move any such deviation you have into the Mascot category. If you have a lot of deviations that is of this nature, note me and I can do a mass move for you.

Another thing I would like to point out is to check if a deviant has already received a DD feature before recommending them. I say this because as of late, a lot of recommendation are for deviants whose work I recently featured. So when I don't feature your suggestion that's probably the reason.

That's it for now.


It's an unwritten law, that beside summer holidays, christmas time see a large amount of AVS releases. Trust me, this year won't be any different, new compilations from Winamp-Forums, visbot and :devavsociet: are imminent.

Those who think, that the Winamp plugin scene or more specifically the AVS scene is dominated by a few guys will be proven wrong when looking at the fifth installment of the New People Selection series. This compilation features some of the hottest upcomers and some extremely rare presets.

Second feature in this newsletter would be minipack 3 by WotL. Long time no see, mister.. good to see him back.


Firstly as this is the last newsletter before christmas, I hope you all have a great holiday and all get what you want and not necessarily what you need ;)

the wallpaper gallery is definately the place to be this winter as we currently have two great competitions being run! Be sure to check out the following:

Exotika II - Environment Creation Challenge

Check out the link here:… for the full beef on this awesome competition being run by =Suirebit in collaboration with the Wallpaper Gallery.

In a nut shell, Exotika 2 is for digital landscapers and features ice as it's main theme. It encourages all you landscapers and spacescapers to create cold, exotic worlds all in neat little wallpaper packages.

Closing Date in 31st December 2006.

And as if that wasn't enough!!

Winter Wallpaper Contest.

For everyone else who wants to do a winter themed wallpaper with no holds bared then this is the one for you!

Sadly however, this competition is limited to members of europeans so if you aren't currently a member, get your ass over to the page and sign up!!

To find out more about it, check it out here:… or the journal here:…

Happy holidays guys!


:pointr:Skins & Themes
Hullo! I'd like to begin by drawing your kind attention to the 2 new galleries, for Windows Media Player 11 and for Fan Skins. Fan Skins will include skins and themes for various applications, that depict artwork/images of products, television shows, movies and so on. Generated skins, however, will not be allowed. Please read this… for more information on our policy on such skins.
Nothing much else to report. I'd love to see some nice holiday-themed skins before this year is out, and might also be giving out goodies to those who humour my request! Lastly, please show some love here: Skinning StealThisCSS

After the tutorials are done we will be fixing up the texture categories! :D

We want to create new categories so searching for the perfect texture will be fast and easy. We would love to hear any ideas or suggestions you guys may have.

The resources newsletter will be coming soon! There has been a delay due to stuff going on in my personal life but in the near future we will have this up and running. We still need a name! A few months back I was offering a 6 month sub to anyone who can come up with a fun catchy title. We didn't get many suggestions so the offer still stands. Anyone who can come up with a cool name for the article will get a 6 month sub! So send me any ideas you come up with.


__DA Related

We have a cool new zine category!

:pointr:Traditional Art
Please check out the first of a set of written features that hopefully will become semi-regular Traditional Art Topics: Pop Art.

With the holidays approaching, you would do well to keep your eyes on the Literature News and on the Literature Forum for some projects that are coming along. You can bet there will be some gifts for writers ready to get involved, as well.

The Literature Forum itself is now seeing a bit of a change. Previously, we have had our workshops within threads in the forum as sticky topics. This was meant to be a temporary solution, and the more permanent addition has now come to fruition. The Literature Workshop Forum allows you to post your own threads for your poem/prose piece. It will allow the forums to be much more organized, and give you more control over how your poem is shown. Normal rules apply, and you can read the rules at the forum or by clicking here

Make sure to check out the latest LGU for more info, as well.

Thanks for reading this update. We look forward to reading your feedback and to answering your comments and suggestions in our next update. :heart: :community:


To direct your comments towards the right gallery director, optionally prefix your comments with the following acronyms:


AR: for Artist Relations
PH: for Photography
AN: for Photography > Artistic Nudes
FP: for Photography > Fetish
SP: for Stock Photos
DA: for Digital Art
3D: for Digital Art -> 3 Dimensional Art
AA: for Digital Art > Anthro
DF: for Digital Art > Digital Fantasy
PM: for Digital Art -> Photomanipulation
PA: for Digital Art > Pixel Art
ANI: for Anime
AC: for Artisan Crafts
COM: for Comics and Cartooons
CON: for Contests
DI: for Designs & Interfaces
FL: for Flash
ICN: for Icons
POE: for Poetry
PRS: for Prose
ST: for Skins & Themes
TA: for Traditional Art
VP: for Visualization Presets
WP: for Wallpaper
RES: for Resources
FR: for Fractal Art

The Unknown Artists Project is to expose talented, yet underrated, artists on deviantArt.  In spirit of that goal, we will present to the community a monthly feature showcasing unknown artists in photography, traditional art, digital art and literature.  

:pointr:  selections by :iconghouldaddy:
2am parking garage staircase by dersunde Blood Sweat Tears by s9 untitled by Alex80 Eat my dust by chamica
Holga 1 by magson state fair 1 by mr-amateur Climbing by leahrizzo fun-fair by MatthewFreund

:pointr:  selections by :icongarrit:
Mine. by mudrimia hates showers by sportoThe REAL Princess Primavera by SADCATEaster by BunnyisCthulhu
Second day of Life by berenikaWhere is my Daggel? by JekyllWatchinYaMoritz im Koerbchen by CRuS23billy the cat by billyjeaaan

:pointr: selections by :iconimogene:
untitled 40 by optical-flare :thumb36414085: Rest by s9
:thumb28459437: Winding Wheel by un--expected Helena by andrewfphoto :thumb39743054:

:pointr:  selections by :icontwosilverstars:
Quiet Lake by Haych86 Strega della Seduzione by andreauderzo It Came from the Sea by TeaPartyGirl THE DAY BEFORE by LEONALEGRIA
:thumb42705137: Tower of Babel by AndreasZielenkiewicz :thumb29440507: A Fruitful Rest by LindsayGNery

:pointr:  selections by :iconalchemism:
Yorick the Nobleman by namesjames texture detail by bukwessul :thumb44037980: :thumb43573954:
spirit dancer in paris by eyepegus :thumb42291435: :thumb43567442: :thumb41590574:

:pointr:  selections by :iconzeruch:
Syujyo Triptych, Holiness by elliegreco In This World of Plenty ... by blackonwhite many fishes many wishes by pentelka buddha 9 by benw99
red tree2 by Mayonnaisse 222 by aressero TrafficLights by Svartz Yellow by NicolasRGiacondino

:pointr:  selections by :iconlovetodeviate:

100 Words: Nightmare by HaveTales-WillTell
Chesire by Cybby
Ecce, Sum Christianus by naiadgirl1012
The Doppelganger by Meretrix-Simiorum
Beta Reader by saturnangel
Sight by Teasersp
The Scar by EveningDownpour

:pointr: selections by :iconzebrazebrazebra:

Bubble by wildestdreaming
Little House by CreativeFlair
i am the city by cockv
spongewood by circularthinker
Humming by Lisolette-Anwe
A Lack Of Film by jonzoiplu
meadow road by thexhystericxeskimo
the wind might by myloveliestsequence

:pointr: selections by :iconpinkymccoversong:

"the scent of white" by xXdr0psXx
"light that reaches far" by youngandoutforglory
"All Tomorrow's Parties" by insomaniac55
"ad astra" by Nihility-and-Forever
"MAPS" by Chornyi
"Poker On 64th Street While Outside The Fog Tolls Midnight" by Yenji
"like Trotsky in Mexico" by PaperRequiem
"escape." by secondhandroses

:pointr: selections by :iconfourteenthstar:
:thumb44060366: :thumb44038362:

Mature Content

bailarina by lamortdudieu
Give up the Ghost by xxalice
The Role of the Heart by Gegenton The Tower by MOracz 1parte by Pelukini

:pointr:  selections by :iconmirrorkills:
Medicine by Zinovas Vacio by vespertino TORMENT by SquareFrogDesigns In the Light by Astarsia
Where We Start by burlesk101 :thumb39558080: :thumb35396206: Tribute to Jorane - Part I by Amalthee

If you are using Internet explorer, you must right-click on the thumb and choose "Open in new window" and the deviation will appear, along with the artist's name. Please visit the FAQ to learn more about the Unknown Artists Project and how you can contribute to its success.

Hey Mom! We're Famous!

Fri Dec 8, 2006, 3:12 PM
I swear to you that's the subject of the email I just sent my mother..

Anyhow, the reasoning is this article in the January edition of Toronto Life:

Emerald City


Ok I have to get back to work now but wheee

I haven't had a lot of sleep so deal with it :P


More than 6,500 deviantART members have contributed to the One Million Masterpiece charity project in the last three months – 65% of the entire picture so far.

Five international charities have come together to produce a record breaking piece of global art that will represent all people from around the world.  To kick things off they have created a global alliance of the largest online arts communities who are supporting the project, however deviantART have shown their dominance by driving ten times more members to the website that anyone else.

The first goal of The One Million Masterpiece project is to smash the current world record of 25,297 contributors to a single artwork.  We think that with the help of the deviantART community we can hit that target by the end of the year – so if you haven’t already done so please get on over there and make your mark!

Joining The One Million Masterpiece is free.  Log-on to The One Million Masterpiece site and follow the simple instructions.  Anyone wishing to make a donation to the international charities can do so securely through the site.

The One Million Masterpiece aims to create a unique snapshot of our global society, and to sum up its diversity in one single picture  It will be the worlds largest ever artistic collaboration, with the final picture being unveiled and exhibited on World Population Day 2007 as a symbol of global unity.

:pointr: Director of Artist Relations


The purpose of Artist Relations is to strengthen the community spirit as well as network with fellow artists so that we may bring outside opportunities to you, and help you to hone your skills. The Gallery Directors are the first people you should go to regarding your galleries. They are the people you need to make gallery suggestions to, and ask questions about your specific genre, or seek knowledge from. They also act as your lifeline to the administration. They are here to support and listen, and I can tell you we've got incredibly talented, devoted and passionate people on this team, so get to know them!

:bulletgreen: We were experiencing issues with new categories not showing up again, however, this issue has once again been addressed and hopefully we will be ok from now on.

:bulletgreen: I am still focused mainly on the BT tour and selection of artists.  I have made selections for all tour stops up to Georgia and am continuing forward.  If you want to voice your interest in participating, feel free to grab my attention via note.  However, do not note me to tell me that you feel someone I’ve chosen is a bad pick.  This doesn’t endear you to me, I will not be changing my mind on the artist because you don’t agree with my selection.  It’s very petty, don’t continue the trend. If you do contact me, bear in mind that all notes  may not be responded to as I’m getting flooded on a daily basis.

If you want to keep track of the artists being showcased at each location please visit dAPresents and check out the journal entries for more details information about the tour.

:bulletgreen: Get involved in the World Aids Day Contest

:bulletgreen: Check out this article about a new project!

:bulletgreen:  Have you checked out 2envision yet?

:bulletgreen: Feeling charitiable? Go check out LuneFeu’s cancer fundraising page <a href="…"here and help her kick cancer in the ass.

:bulletgreen: Cute little project Deviant of the Year 2006

:bulletgreen: Any issues, concerns, complaints, suggestions, accolades etc. about contests should be directed to me.  You can note me or email me at

Do not scream and yell all over a news article about a contest, it’s getting quite tiring only to clarify a situation and have a person feel silly for having made the comment in the first place.  I’ve given you your contact information and I implore you to use it.  I would like to bring new and interesting contests to deviantART with fun and exciting prizes, so please, work with me.

:bulletgreen:  Looking for contests? Find a list of all AR sponsored contests here

:bulletgreen: Want to see previous AR newsletters? Go to my journal and check the journal module to the left.

The Key System
As you can see at the very bottom there is now a Key System. The way this will work is simple. If you have a specific inquiry or suggestion for a specific department, begin your comment with the appropriate Key Code, that way we can search the page and compile them and address them. Neat, huh?


It's time for yet another photo challenge. This time I'd like you to take a photo that represents what 2006 meant to you. It can be anything... Everyone's perception of the year that's coming to a close within a month will be different. Maybe your photo will portray something that is personal, global, political, environmental, emotional, whatever you want. You can be conceptual, photojournalistic, emotive, or any other style you think fits. It's wide open.

Again, remember this is not a contest. It's just a way for you to stretch your photographic "legs" and imagination a bit. Submit it to the category that suits the subject of your photo the best. Feel free to share a link to your creation in the comments to this newsletter with the heading. Remember to use the key "PH" in your comment so we can see it.

:pointr:Fetish Photography

Not much to update for my galleries this time around, so I'll share a few beauties I've found in my recent travels.

My cam’n’ me Pt II
<a href’="…">Steve Diet Goedde 1
Amber “Ring Leader”
Carmen – Horns

:pointr:Artistic Nude Photography
Just a few things I would like to talk about one being over the past 2
months I’ve been cleaning up the Artistic Nude Gallery moving hundreds of deviation that don’t belong in the AN Gallery for example….

I’ve found a large amount of photomanipulated work in the Artistic Nude
Gallery. Please remember photos should not be manipulated in a digital
editor outside the confines of what can be achieved in a classic darkroom or through the use of classic filters. Images that are prominent and noticeable as photomanipulations belong in Digital Art> photomanipulation.

Image Size
Please make sure that your deviation is no smaller than 300 pixels on the shortest side, and up to 1280 pixels on the longest side. This makes your deviations more convenient for others to full view your work and really enjoy it.

Low Resolution
This is a big one I wanted to point out. I know when I look at art the
last thing I want to see is fuzzy and grainy low quality images it just
looks nasty. I get asked all the time by people why their images where moved to scraps and most times it was because of low resolution. So please remember no web cam or mobile phone shots. Remember the better lit your subject is the clearer your image is likely to be!

Basic Nude Photographs
The Artistic Nude Gallery is not the place to submit your snap shots of
your body parts remember it’s called “ARTISTIC NUDE”.

If you are submitting art to the artistic nude gallery please read the
criteria outlined in the “Submission Guidelines” carefully before
submitting your work. This will reduce the likelihood of your deviations being deleted or relocated.
FAQ #565: You prohibit the submission of 'pornographic imagery'; what do you consider this to be?

Other than that, keep submitting those wonderful works of art!

:pointr:Stock Art

Stock Agreements –

When Art is posted in the Stock Art Gallery there is implied consent it’s for the use by others. Stock Art’s biggest customers are the many great Photo-Manip (photo – manipulation) artist who borrow pieces and parts of stock art to make their own art.

At the very least most Stock Artist require that  you give them credit if you use their work and share with them what you do with their images ( I know I do). But sometimes there are other restrictions and because this is a ‘trust’ situation, if you use Stock ART then you need to read
‘carefully’ the rules of the submitting artist (that almost sounded legal).

As mentioned – it’s about trust – and you won’t go to jail if you misuse someone’s stock but you could be... given a finger wag and made to feel bad and later in the afterlife burn in hell (okay – that’s a little harsh) but the point is... if you use stock – please bear in mind the wishes of contributing stock artist

Some additional rules I’ve seen

Please don’t use my stock for prints, please don’t use my stock in
contest, and please don’t use my stock for negative messages or images.

If you are unsure – or in question about use of someone’s stock – Please note them... you will find most stock artist want to be used... and depending on your request will usually work with you.

The Stock Gallery wants to bring world peace, cure hunger and disease and bravely go where no human has gone before – but short of that, Stock Art wants the love of the deviantArt community, because Stock Art loves you

( ending music: “Imagine” by Mr. John Lennon)

:pointr:Digital Art

A lot of activity going on at the moment.  First off, the Non-Existent- An ASCII/ANSI contest has been extended to the 9th of December.  There
has been some feedback that people are discouraged to enter because of the quality they see already posted.  To that I say enter, by all means give it a try.  You never know what will catch the judges eye, it could very well be your entry piece but only if you enter the contest.

As far as gallery additions go, it's been busy as great things are
happening.  We now have Illustration galleries for both the Drawings and Paintings section of Digital.  An illustration is an image that is made for the purpose of helping the audience visually connect with a story, manual, or lecture.  To keep things simple and yet give everyone an opportunity to post illustrations properly, both drawings and paintings have a Storybook, Conceptual, and Technical subgallery.  That should cover all the bases without making the issue too wide spread and confusing.  One thing I would like to point out, the Illustration gallery is not for stand along images.  Images that are not part of a manuscript should be posted to another gallery that is suited for individual images created for their own viewing without further explanation.  Please read the gallery descriptions for the finer details of what should be posted to Illustrations.

Coming soon we will also have a new main digital gallery specifically for Vexel artwork.  This is a large task to classify, organize, and institute so it will not be rushed.  This can be a heated issue as both Vector and Vexel artists show their points of view passionately.  I am encouraging the community to get involved and provide feedback on what shape this new gallery will take shape as.  If you have any ideas as to what subgalleries you would like to see for a Vexel gallery, please leave a comment on the Vexel Art Gallery news article.  I also encourage noting me if you wish your voice to remain private.  This will all happen before new years so don't wait too long.

As for next year, expect the digital galleries to explode with coverage.  I'm planning a huge set of news articles that will both showcase art and help people understand the digital galleries.  Weekly chats will also be taking place so people can voice their opinions on what they'd like to see from me as a digital director.  2007 will be the year of activity, stay tuned for what's happening in your digital realm.

Hello everyone.:) This time we have just a few things for you about
Manga/Anime gallery.

First of all, we want to remind you about what to check when you submit a Daily Devation Suggestion. Make sure that the work you want to suggest is in Manga/Anime category, because really, we cannot feature even the most beautiful deviation from the other categories. So always remember to note the appropriate Gallery Director.:) And also submit all your manga style artworks into Manga/Anime gallery, because there's a bigger chance then for you to get featured!  ;)

Another matter that we'd like you to keep in mind is the most popular
point in FAQ - FAQ #8: What are violations of the DeviantArt copyright policy? This means that every screencap from anime, every scanned picture from manga, or even a modified image with a copyrighted character - all of them are not allowed to be sent into deviantART. So please, watch out what you submit if you don't want to have any problems and give us more work.:D

OK, now something pleasant. There's going to be a Manga/Anime Contest in January! We need your help to decide what kind of contest would be the best. Give your suggestions! Marker-Guru created a poll where you can vote and share with us your ideas. You'll fint it here:… . Go and vote right
now! :D

At the end, we want to tell you that the second issue of our Manga/Anime Monthly Newsletter has been posted! Go HERE to check it out!:aww:

:pointr:Skins and Themes
Please read this >… and post your thoughts on it, since we need to take a stand on Picture Skins, and your opinion counts. I'd like to acknowledge the wonderful new work that's coming in, and the large number of DD suggestions I've been receiving. I'd also like people to take advantage of the resources available at Skinning, a group dedicated to helping artists and designers get into skinning and coding. There's lots more to come, so stick around. Oh, and please contribute if you can, in the form of resources, tips, tutorials, etc. Or ask a skinning question, and our experts will answer it for you!


Exotika II - Environment Creation Challenge

The Wallpaper Gallery, in conjuction with Suirebit is pleased to announce the start of the Exotica II competition.

Exotica I was a huge success and this new competition will be just as challenging. Read all about the competition here:

Exotika II Competition

In a nut shell, Exotika 2 features ice as it's main theme and encourages all the lanscapers and spacescapers to create cold, exotic worlds all in neat little wallpaper packages.

Closing Date for the competition is 31st December 2006, so get cracking people, standards were high last time around and I'm sure it's gonna be stunning this time.

Prizes include Subscriptions and a Daily Deviation for the winner!

Desktop Screenshots

Recently I have had to clear out more and more desktop screenshots from the Wallpaper Gallery.

Screenshots have their own gallery and should be placed in that, not the Wallpaper Gallery. The screenshots gallery can be found here:

Customization > Screenshots

Please note that I will no longer be relocating miscategorised  Screenshots to this gallery, but I will be moving them to your Scraps for you to relocate.

Copyright Violations

Please DO NOT post any material in the Wallpaper Gallery which contains material from any source that is not permitted on DeviantART. Every single newsletter I am having to remind people of this.

You CANNOT post images which use Screenshots, Photographs, Captures, Movie Stills etc of any copyrighted material. These include cartoons, anime, fanart (that you did not create yourself), movies, photographs of celebrities/musicians/porn models.

Come on guys, it's not hard, please READ and UNDERSTAND the submission guidelines BEFORE posting. I really hate having to remove and report images which break the submission rules just as much as you hate receiving notes telling you not to do it.

Thanks for reading this update. We look forward to reading your feedback and to answering your comments and suggestions in our next update. :heart: :community:


To direct your comments towards the right gallery director, optionally prefix your comments with the following acronyms:


AR: for Artist Relations
PH: for Photography
AN: for Photography > Artistic Nudes
FP: for Photography > Fetish
SP: for Stock Photos
DA: for Digital Art
3D: for Digital Art -> 3 Dimensional Art
AA: for Digital Art > Anthro
DF: for Digital Art > Digital Fantasy
PM: for Digital Art -> Photomanipulation
PA: for Digital Art > Pixel Art
ANI: for Anime
AC: for Artisan Crafts
COM: for Comics and Cartooons
CON: for Contests
DI: for Designs & Interfaces
FL: for Flash
ICN: for Icons
POE: for Poetry
PRS: for Prose
ST: for Skins & Themes
TA: for Traditional Art
VP: for Visualization Presets
WP: for Wallpaper
RES: for Resources
FR: for Fractal Art


Sun Dec 3, 2006, 2:07 PM
meet Gobi Gobi by Moonbeam13

newest member of the household :)