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I've been a VERY good Witch!

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Thank You User2006

Mon May 11, 2015, 1:17 PM

On the Beach by UseR2006

Please join me in thanking UseR2006 for his time and efforts during his time as a member of the Community Volunteer team.

Two Sides by UseR2006

Tinted Vision by UseR2006

Looking Down From Above by UseR2006

Hailing Death by UseR2006

Dirty Glasses by UseR2006

Thank you UseR2006! We appreciate you :heart:

Skin by Dan Leveille


Danielle Ward
Artist | Hobbyist | Photography
My name is Danielle Ward and I am the Director of Community Relations. The Community Relations department exists to encourage, facilitate and develop the relationship with our deviantART community. Our goal is to nurture our community by encouraging artists to create, collaborate, and participate in a friendly, safe, and supportive artistic environment.


Explore an interactive timeline of DeviantArt's history and future: #timeline
The Commissions Widget used to default to 100 Points.

It now defaults to 800 Points.

Depending on how that goes, the default price may go up again. 

We're also considering the following changes as time goes on:

* A floor. Commissions below X Points won't be possible anymore. We don't yet know what the floor price should be, but we are fundamentally opposed to 15 Point commissions. They devalue the work of artists, you should ALL RAISE YOUR PRICES.

* Local Currency alongside Points currency. Buyers want to see the amount of real money (in their country) next to the Point amount. This should help clear some things up for buyers.

* Easier ways to see Commissions from people you +WATCH.


Thank You User2006

Mon May 11, 2015, 1:17 PM

On the Beach by UseR2006

Please join me in thanking UseR2006 for his time and efforts during his time as a member of the Community Volunteer team.

Two Sides by UseR2006

Tinted Vision by UseR2006

Looking Down From Above by UseR2006

Hailing Death by UseR2006

Dirty Glasses by UseR2006

Thank you UseR2006! We appreciate you :heart:

Skin by Dan Leveille

Pimps and Whoas - May 7, 2015

Thu May 7, 2015, 6:32 PM

Fire by todd587

News from the Team

:bulletpurple: Site Update: Bug Fixes, Creation
:bulletpurple: Updated API


:bulletorange: A Guide to Good Looking Fire Breathers
:bulletorange: Collection: Airstreams
:bulletorange: Collection: The Nintendo Generations
:bulletorange: The Dead Zone
:bulletorange: Daredevil: Man Without Fear
:bulletorange: Creator owned Comics
:bulletorange: Taurus - Beautiful Bons Vivants

:star: Looking for more articles like this? Follow us at depthRADIUS  Want to submit any ideas, suggestions, collections, or an existing work for consideration for the Today page? We'd love to look at it. Email us at

Official Contests

All "official" contests will begin at midnight PST on the start date and end at 11:59 PST on the end date. This applies to all Community Relation run contests and all DeviantArt sponsored contests.
:flagus: denotes US only contest

:bulletpink: AnthroChallenge #119 - In the Kitchen

Community Relations Projects

Project Educate is a joint venture between Community Relations (communityrelations) and the DeviantArt community. Every week, the project brings you a new set of articles with information, tips, and tricks about one of the many galleries within DeviantArt. Every month, we also have a Community Week built into the schedule, where everyone in the community has a chance to submit an article to share!

- Community Week              Coming Up - Art History

:bulletpink: Artwork in the Fashion industry
:bulletpink: Art in the Professions: We Need Your Help
:bulletpink: 10 Steps for Making a Good Tutorial
:bulletpink: George's Traditional Art Tools
:bulletpink: Getting Your Art Seen: Placement
:bulletpink: Incidental use: Exhibiting your art at work
:bulletpink: Six tools for Product Photography
:bulletpink: The Videogame Industry: An Interview
:bulletpink: Tools for Making a Pattern
:bulletpink: Vectors in the Professional World

:star:View the whole schedule here:star:

Informative News & Events

:bulletblue: Beginnings and ends
:bulletblue: Comparing Yourself with Others is Suicide
:bulletblue: CRFractals Monthly Challenge May 2015
:bulletblue: Devnews News You Can Use
:bulletblue: Finding the Forums
:bulletblue: Promote your Forum and Chat news
:bulletblue: Literature News
:bulletblue: Toronto DevMeet info for May 16
:bulletblue: May: Hope survives
:bulletblue: Mentorship Project: Eighth Lesson
:bulletblue: Monday Discussions: Favorite Recipes
:bulletblue: DevMeet info for London on July 18
:bulletblue: TheEmoticonGallery - April Summary 2015
:bulletblue: Vexel Art

Features & Interviews

:bulletred: -404 Deviant Found Vol 61
:bulletred: 5 Deviants that deserve your attention Episode 2
:bulletred: Best in Photography Today - 30
:bulletred: DA love for Everyone - 120
:bullered: Dark Fairytales Part 7
:bulletred: DigitalSpotlight Feature 6
:bulletred: Fashion Makes the World go Round X
:bulletred: Great Contemporary Artists on DeviantArt - April
:bulletred: Hidden Talents 34
:bulletred: Illustrating Westeros ASOIAF Artists Speak XI
:bulletred: In the Stock Light: Danika-Stock
:bulletred: Interview: Jill of All Trades - PolyMune
:bulletred: Love DA Lit Issue 204
:bulletred: Lush - Pinup and Glamour Features
:bulletred: Macro Spotlight Vol 164
:bulletred: Monday Pixel Madness 15
:bulletred: Photography Interviews: Other Photography
:bulletred: ProjectPorkchop Vol432
:bulletred: Senior Selections 49
:bulletred: SixWordStories Workshop 8 - Backward Progression
:bulletred: Sunday Through to Saturday Typography
:bulletred: The Ladies of Lit Volume LIV
:bulletred: Traditional Trove 63


:bulletpink: Commission info for stelari
:bulletpink: Commission info for bpavlica
:bulletpink: Commission info for eevachu

Whoas - Theme: Fire

Fire by tatasz

Hobbit - Fire and Water - Bard vs Smaug by caycowa

-Fire- by arvalis

Fire Ice by luisbc

Fire by allonkira

Fire: The Fire by Abz-J-Harding

FIRE by sererena

The Biscuit Fire by skorch0matik

the fire by flaviafou

Fire Breathing Dragon by sandara

The Fire by korbox

Fire Elemental by DrawingNightmare

Maiden of Fire by kunkka

Playing with Fire by fahsi

:note: To contribute to the next issue of "Pimps & Whoas" please include it in the comments below with the appropriate links and information.  If promoting groups, please include a description so people know why they should check it out! Also use devtags not icontags eg:communityrelations not :iconcommunityrelations:

What I'm looking for from you guys:
:bulletred: News, Features or Interviews you want to promote
:bulletred: Groups you want me to feature or highlight
:bulletred: deviations that follow the theme for that issue
:bulletred: DevMEETs or events going on around you or being hosted by you.
:bulletred: Commission information for those looking for Commissions
:bulletred: Anything else you feel you want the DeviantArt community to know about!

Next issue to be posted May 27, 2015 and the theme for the "Whoas" is Baseball

Wanna suggest a theme? Note Moonbeam13 with your ideas!

Skin by Dan Leveille

Pimps and Whoas - May 7, 2015
A collection of news, features, interviews and events from around the DeviantArt Community.


Deviousness Award

Deviousness Award
It is not often we bestow deviousness upon someone who is already a member of staff, but sometimes you need to bend those rules when there are exceptions to the rule like $Moonbeam13. She has been heading up the crew of Gallery Directors as head of Artist Relations for going on a year now, listening to suggestions from the community, enacting her own ideas, getting input from the volunteers, and bringing you massively cool contests. And that’s just some of the things she gets done in a single day. It is with great pride and a huge vote of “thanks” that we give deviousness to $Moonbeam13 on the verge of our 6th Anniversary!
-awarded August 2006


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I noticed you are involved with deviantarts Community Relations and I would love some feedback on making a stronger, happier community. I really like deviantart and want others to as well.  

 Thank you again and have a most marvelous day! 

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Hi there :) Please check out some of the wonderful people at fella, projecteducate, dAWishingWell to name a few. If there's a specific art medium you're interested in, let me know and I can point you in the direction of those wonderful community groups too!
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